NLC is further expanding internationally by building CELTiC, our first Italian venture based on research from the University of Bologna (UniBO), one of Europe’s oldest and Italy’s most prestigious university. CELTiC develops a non-invasive blood test, based on mRNA biomarker panel, and is set to revolutionize colorectal cancer screening. Potential impact is significant, as more than 4% of the people (1 in 23) will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer at some point in their lives. Regular and systematic screening is important to reduce the mortality risk. Current non-invasive screening methods are not reliable and invasive method, such as colonoscopy, are uncomfortable for the patient and present a high financial burden for society. Celtic non-invasive blood test is expected to make a significant impact on the screening of colon cancer. First clinical data are available and a multi-centre, international study is planned.