First Concord Birth Trolley in use at Amsterdam UMC

On Monday November 25, at Amsterdam UMC location VUmc, an expectant mother arrived in preterm labor at 29+6 weeks. The parents and the medical team were fully prepared and ready to perform the Concord Birth Flow® with the brand-new Concord Birth Trolley® for the very first time. A baby-boy was born and a smooth procedure was performed to stabilize the baby with an intact cord. Mother and child are doing well. This occasion marks the first time that the new Concord Birth Trolley from Concord Neonatal has been used in clinical practice.

VUmc was one of the first hospitals to obtain the new Concord Birth Trolley from Concord Neonatal®. After a few weeks of thorough preparation and team training, the medical team, consisting of gynecology and neonatology caregivers, were officially initiated to start using the Concord Birth Trolley clinically.

“The first delivery with Concord went well and as smooth as can be expected. The procedure is not really that much different from our standard care, and we therefore felt confident. Working together with gynecology as one team to care for mother and baby was exciting and a really special experience”, says neonatologist and primary investigator of the ABC3 trial at VUmc, Dr. Sandra Prins.


Together with all other Dutch NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units), VUmc is participating in the ABC3 trial, a large multicenter trial, with the purpose to demonstrate the health benefits of delaying umbilical cord clamping until after the baby is stabilized.

Three hospitals, Leiden University Medical Center, Erasmus MC and Amsterdam MC, have already started with the trial during 2019, using a ConCord prototype. Today, around 80 preterm baby’s under 30 weeks gestational age have been enrolled. During the next months, the research team and Concord Neonatal will be working closely with the various hospitals to implement the Concord Birth Flow in the other NICUs in The Netherlands.