Sepsis, blood poisoning caused by the spread of bacteria in the blood, affects 30 million people each year. Experts say it’s the number one cause of death in intensive care and  requires the fastest possible treatment. Antibiotic treatment is the standard therapy however it’s not ideal and is proving more and more ineffective as antibiotic resistance increases. This leaves a gap in the market for innovative, new and disruptive solutions that target this.

Sansepsis offers a solution: A special filter to remove the bacteria that causes sepsis quickly and efficiently from the blood. SanSepsis was jointly established by Sanquin and NLC (the European healthtech venture builder). This collaboration enabled the rapid creation and development of a venture that aims to bring this innovative approach to combat sepsis to the patients desperately in need of a better alternative. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era of Corporate Venture Building.

Corporate Venture building is a term which you will increasingly hear in the future. It enables the swift growth and acceleration of a venture start-up outside the main body of corporate business while maintaining strategic alignment for mid to long term goals. The main benefits include:

  • Bypassing of corporate hurdles enabling the fastest path to patients and the market for the invention at low risk
  • Increasing innovation by attracting the top entrepreneurial talent
  • Low cost; NLC works on an equity based format
  • The ability for a corporate to spin in a venture and acquire it in the future

Do you want to accelerate corporate innovation? Do you have dormant / off-core IP requiring rapid commercialisation? Channel your innovations through our venture building process and ensure the next disruptive technology reaches the market.