Concord Neonatal has delivered brand-new Concord Birth Trolleys to a number of Dutch hospitals, after achieving the CE mark on September the 4th 2019. With the Concord Birth Trolley, Concord Neonatal enables hospitals to improve birth for all babies who need extra support, and to provide lifesaving care with the umbilical cord intact until the baby is fully stable. Close to its mother, the baby gets the maximum benefit from the blood from the placenta, up to the moment when it is breathing on its own.


With the availability of the Concord Birth Trolley, Concord Neonatal started the implementation of the Concord Birth Flow in all Dutch and international hospitals that are participating in the ABC-3 trial, a multi-centre randomised trial led by LUMC to research the benefits of Physiological-Based Cord Clamping. In addition, Concord Neonatal can now start to scale up and grow internationally, to help babies and their parents, all across the world, to succeed in the first minutes of life.