Entrepreneurial CEO for Epione Therapeutics

We are looking for an experienced entrepreneurial CEO to lead an early clinical stage biotech venture focused on orthopaedic pain management, with IP originating from DSM Technologies.

The invention
Together with researchers from UMC Utrecht, DSM Technologies has developed several drug formulations based on the bioresorbable and biocompatible PolyEsterAmide (PEA) polymer platform. This versatile extended-release drug delivery platform can be used with existing and future drugs for pain management in patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) and osteoarthritis (OA).
Currently no effective pain management is available for orthopaedic diseases such as osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain. Corticosteroid injections are being used for pain management in the joint, but pain relief is short, and injections therefore would have to be repeated frequently. Because of the risk of infection and the associated burden to the patient, this is seldomly done. Epione’s formulation aims to solve both these problems, as also successfully shown pre-clinically.
The venture, Epione Therapeutics, has a worldwide exclusive license on the several formulations, including formulations of celecoxib and triamcinolone for use in joint OA and CLBP and an exclusive option to extend this. Both assets (EPN-001 and EPN-002) have proven to be safe and effective in CLBP and OA animal models, up until canine patients. With the preclinical work finished and the early clinical development program written, the assets are ready for the clinical stage.

The Startup CEO
The Startup CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the overall business strategy, actively supported by NLC The Healthtech Venture Builder. Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Develop high quality business strategies and plans that include the regulatory pathway, drug development plan, funding and partnerships.
  • Successfully raise multimillion investments. 
  • Overseeing operations and business activities to ensure desired results are produced and, consistent with the overall strategy and mission.
  • Manage investor relations and future investors.
  • Prepare and initiate the exit strategy.

Competencies required

  • Entrepreneurial drive.
  • Networking and influencing at all levels of seniority.
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly strong presentation and negotiation skills.

Experience required

  • Involvement in clinical stage ventures (preferably in a CEO position)
  • Multi million fundraising experience, in particular for clinical stage companies. 
  • Exit and other M&A experience is considered a plus. Demonstrated track record of forming strategic partnerships. Active network of stakeholders.
  • A plus is knowledge and experience in the field of medical therapeutics for (rheumatoid) arthritis, pain, and/or sustained drug release. 

The offer
We offer the unique opportunity to an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial ambition to come on board as a partner (essentially co-founder) in a highly promising venture. You will receive equity-based remuneration and accept tying initial cash compensation to successful funding of the company. Co-funding is stimulated.

For more information please contact Eva van Rooijen (Lead Venture Teaming) via eva.vanrooijen@nlc.health