Venture Finance Analyst

NLC was founded on one simple observation: at least 95% of healthtech inventions never reach the patient, regardless of their relevance or brilliance. It is our mission to lower this number and get as many healthtech solutions as possible to the patient. We do this by bringing together the best tech, the best capital, and the best people to build life-changing ventures. To date we have founded over 60 ventures and we intend to build dozens more in the next few years. All of our ventures need venture finance support at some point in their life cycle, which means that we are looking to expand, and strengthen, our venture finance team (currently 5 FTE + 2 interns) to support our growth ambitions.

Your role
As venture finance analyst you will be a member of the venture finance team and support the venture finance experts in all the fields the team is active in, which include:

  • Validating business models of new ventures with a specific focus on (i) the business case, including (potential) future valuation, (ii) likelihood of attracting future financing, and (iii) exit opportunities;
  • With input and support from venture’s CEOs: designing, drafting, formatting, and optimising pitch decks, business plans, forecast models, management presentations and other supporting materials for ventures’ dilutive and non-dilutive financing rounds;
  • Managing financing rounds for ventures from start to finish (grant applications, subscription to non-dilutive loan facilities, bank loans, and in particular dilutive equity rounds with angel investors, family offices, VCs and/or PEs), including the commercial reach-out to prospective investors/financiers, overall project management, and the negotiations;
  • Manage and run exit processes from A to Z (could include an IPO) together with our advisor Deloitte, including the commercial reach-out to prospective purchasers/investors (identify the right long-list), overall project management, and the negotiations, but also including the preparation of all materials needed to smoothly run such process (IM, FC model, dataroom, etc.);
  • Actively maintain and expand relationships with potential investors/financiers and ‘sell’ them our propositions;
  • Maintain relationships with, and on a case-by-case basis, engage with external advisors (e.g. CF boutiques, tax advisors and/or lawyers);
  • Prep CEOs for pitches, including rehearsal sessions;
  • Setting up NLC’s collective financing instruments such as the Stepping Stone Fund, Elithia Biotech Fund other (future) captive fund structures; and/or
  • NLC development: design and create tools and solutions which help the venture finance team and NLC as a whole improve their efficiency and output.

Your profile
We are looking for a motivated finance professional who wants to use their financial knowledge and result-driven attitude to help build startups which have impact:

  • Academic study in the field of economics, business, finance or related, followed by relevant experience (one or two years or several relevant internships) in corporate finance, M&A, debt advisory, venture finance or private equity;
  • Above average analytical and numerical skills;
  • Strong, professional communicator in English;
  • Adaptive capabilities in a constantly changing environment;
  • Batteries-included self starter (favours ‘just-do-it’ above ….) with hunter mentality; and
  • Strong affinity with innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, healthtech and startups.

The opportunity

  • A challenging, diverse and fulfilling role in healthtech in an environment where we will ultimately manage hundreds of portfolio companies at the same time;
  • The chance to contribute to realising innovations with a great positive impact on society;
  • The chance to become part of the new global gamechanger in the field of healthtech innovation and venture building;
  • The opportunity to become part of the NLC network; a large, valuable and diverse network consisting of 1000+ private investors, high net worth individuals, VC’s and PE’s, medical doctors, brilliant inventors, experienced entrepreneurs and corporate partners; and
  • The challenge to strengthen NLC as the go-to platform for early stage investment opportunities (set the new standard).

Your remuneration will consist of a cash component as well as an equity stake in NLC in the form of certificates, which you will build up as part of your salary. 

Will you join us in our mission to bring science to life?

Please reach out to Hidde ten Brink (Lead Venture Finance) via with your CV and motivation letter.