Angel investors are a driving force in facilitating early-stage health tech innovation. However, building a diversified portfolio is challenging for two reasons. First, ticket sizes per investment are substantial, so building a portfolio requires large investments. Secondly,  investors are struggling to gain access to quality deals.

Instant portfolio building
For this reason, NLC is currently setting up the MOMENTUM instrument, which combines the financing of ten early-stage ventures into one investment vehicle. This allows investors to boost value creation and build a diversified health tech portfolio in one go. In this way, investors receive:

  • Access to early-stage health-tech investments
  • Value creation in multiple areas
  • Spreading of risk
  • Portfolio building at low cost, from ticket sizes starting at Eur 100,000.


NLC Backed
The ventures in the portfolio originate from NLC’s portfolio, which means they have gone through a rigorous selection process. They get continuous support, which makes sure they have the best chance of success. NLC also manages these investments, taking the hassle and related costs out of early-stage investment for business angels.

The MOMENTUM effect
For the participating ventures, MOMENTUM’s investment (€200k convertible loan) can act as a catalyst for further growth, as the investment can be leveraged by tapping into matching subsidies and loans. This allows the ventures to focus on what is really important: bringing science to life.

If you would like to receive more information about MOMENTUM, please contact Tim van Vledder