Corporate Finance becomes Venture Finance
We have changed the name of our team from Corporate Finance to Venture Finance as this more accurately describes our tasks and mission.

New subsidy deadlines coming up
There are many new subsidy deadlines coming up in the coming weeks, which are important to keep in mind. Example of this is the EIT Health Headstart program (March 16th). Details of these deadlines can be found in the attachment to this email. Please liaise directly with your Venture Finance contact at NLC to see which subsidies are relevant for your venture.

 As the attached overview focuses mainly on the Dutch landscape, we are working on a more international version. More information will follow.


Efforts to open up the US investor community
Following Ruben Mikkers’ visit to the annual JPM conference in San Francisco earlier this year, we are speaking to many different parties including US investors and VC’s, gradually expanding our network of investors in the US who could be interested in investing in our portfolio. In the near future, this will result in the launch of a US desk along the lines of the recently launched China desk, to offer support for NLC’s ventures entering the US market.

Successful closing of Momentum
In January we successfully closed the Momentum fund, raising € 2.2 million from informal investors. This means that 11 NLC ventures will now receive € 200k in funding; a real breakthrough in the Dutch early stage healthtech funding landscape, which may kickstart additional funding initiatives.