Green Health Challenge


The applications for the Challenge are closed, but would you still like to apply?
You can submit an invention to our standard model here

We visited conferences, round table events and online events to meet the crucial stakeholders in the field, such as recycling companies, nurses, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors. Until now, we can only give you limited information as the ventures are not built yet, but we will update you on every venture we build.

Project 1: Our first Green Health venture*

Ansana – Sustainable and safe packaging during the sterilization of medical instruments
provides a sterilization container that allows for the monitoring of sterilization characteristics inside the container by electronic sensor modules. The invention provides the opportunity to move from ‘blue wrap’ plastic packaging to containers. This contributes to a more sustainable sterilization process by reducing plastic waste (blue wrap). The plastic waste from blue wraps in the U.S. alone accounts for more than 115 million kg of plastic annually. 

Project 2: Measuring the emissions of your hospital

The team is working on a method of measuring and visualizing the footprint of hospitals & departments in real time. The data can be used for CO2 auditing and will identify carbon-intensive workflows and treatments to challenge the behavior of healthcare workers toward a more sustainable way of working.

Project 3: Sanitas - Creating disinfectant out of water.

This innovation by the University of Malta is an innovatively designed reactor using cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) to produce medical-grade disinfectant from water. SANITAS is ideal for places where demand for disinfectant can fluctuate or where the availability of disinfectants is limited due to shortages.  The reactor only uses sustainable resources and does not produce any toxic by-products.

Building a Green Health Ecosystem

This new domain for NLC needs your support. We are looking for collaborations with entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, and investors to build new startups in this field. As of 2023, we will keep our focus on the sustainability of healthcare to create new ventures and increase the sustainability of our existing ones. 


In case you want to support one of our projects in the field of Green Healthcare, please reach out to us if you are:

  • A researcher with an idea/technology (link)
  • Interested in becoming the CEO of one of our ventures (link)
  • An investor with a focus on sustainability (link)
  • A healthcare worker who wants to increase the sustainability of their hospital/clinic/etc (email)
  • A start-up/company that can collaborate with our ventures (email)
  • An expert who wants to support our ventures (email)