Peter Csikos the CEO of Intuescope has experience as an investor, start-up CEO and has  been working for corporate companies. He was advisor and Investment Manager of X Ventures (, an early-stage Venture capital fund having with EUR 30 million under management, investing in IT, Pharma and Life Science companies in the CEE region. He was board member of Attrecto (, acted as a Non Executive Chairman of, and also acted as board member of MD Dental, a company developing cost effective dental 3 D scanning solutions for smaller dental labs. Currently he is also acting as CEO of SurgARy, a startup developing surgical navigation solutions for soft tissues to help surgeons during minimal invasive operation to find the small cancerous lesions. 

Peter Csikos

Peter is the CEO of Intuescope GmbH, which is based on two inventions from Dr. Kefurt and the Medical University of Vienna. Intuescope combines a mixed-reality headset (like the Holo-lens) that enables intuitive steering in combination with a 360 camera mounted on a standard flexible endoscope to improve and partially automate the detection of abnormalities while providing optimal visualization. The operators head movements are carefully tracked by the mixed-reality headset and are then converted into precise movements of the tip of the endoscope. An (AI) algorithm will be trained to support the detection of abnormalities and provide real time information to the operator. The system also allows other medical experts to join virtually or to check the intervention therefore increasing patient outcomes and enable faster training.