NLC offers a unique opportunity for investment in the business by means of the NLC Convertible Loan with attractive terms.

NLC offers a unique opportunity for investment in it by means of the NLC Convertible Loan, offering attractive interest of 6% and the option of conversion into shares in NLC International B.V. at a 20% discount.

After the summer, NLC will start preparations for a large equity round (expected to close in 2020) to finance NLC’s growth. Its business model is designed to generate revenue by divesting its participations in the ventures that it has built and actively supports. The lead time from foundation (the beginning of the legal entity) to transfer (the selling of participation) is expected to take 5-7 years. NLC is only 4.5 years old, however, so it is not yet generating enough proceeds from divesting participations to cover the current operating cost base. NLC anticipates becoming profitable in a few years’ time.

As a bridge to the large 2020 equity round, NLC will be issuing a Convertible Loan. We aim to raise €5 million with a minimum ticket size of €100,000. It’s good to know that NLC doesn’t currently have any debt, but does have 27 operational ventures. Anticipating building another 18 ventures in 2019 and with the money raised with the Convertible Loan, we are targeting the building of another 25 in 2020. As such, the NLC Convertible Loan is ‘asset-backed’ by NLC’s participations in the ventures. All together, the NLC Convertible Loan offers attractive financial returns (6% interest and 20% discount at conversion compared to the price per share which a third party investor will pay in the large equity round), the opportunity of participating in future up-side and a lot of impact on society (#bringingsciencetolife)!

For more information please contact the CFO of NLC, Ruben Mikkers,