CEO for a handheld pain relief device venture, AxioSonic

We’re building a venture to bring a home-based and non-invasive solution to patients with chronic sinusitis and thereby relieve millions of people from daily pain and discomfort. 

Are you the entrepreneur who’ll lead this venture as the CEO?

The invention
Chronic sinusitis is a common disease that affects over 200 million patients worldwide. The patients suffer from congestion and facial pain, and a reduced quality of life. Current treatment options are either ineffective (drugs, nasal sprays) or very invasive (endoscopic operations).

There is a significant unmet need for effective and non-invasive home-treatment solutions that can alleviate the symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Bonutti Technologies has developed and patented a handheld device that uses ultrasound and low frequency therapeutic massage to relieve patients with chronic sinusitis from their symptoms and pain

NLC The Healthtech Venture Builder and Bonutti Technologies are building a venture to commercialize the device and to bring this proposition to patients globally. We are looking for a CEO to co-found the venture with us and to lead it going forward. 

The position of CEO
The CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the overall business strategy, actively supported by NLC The European Healthtech Venture Builder and partnering with the inventor and other strategic partners. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead, prepare and initiate market introduction and go-to-market strategy hereunder develop the clinical marketing strategy and start executing it towards KOLs, general practitioners and end-users. 
  • Organize and oversee clinical study to be used for clinical marketing purposes. 
  • Oversee final product development and product design and ensure regulatory approval/CE-marking of the device.
  • Initiate (mass) production and set-up supply chain to support global roll-out and product launch.
  • Find and partner with venture capital firms to scale up this healthtech proposition.  

CEO competencies and track record
We seek a highly motivated leader that masters these competencies:

  • Entrepreneurial drive.
  • Networking and influencing at all levels of seniority.
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly strong presentation and negotiation skills.

Your track record includes:  

  • Clinical marketing experience with demonstrated results from using medical marketing strategies and tactics to get professional recommendations for consumer medical devices incl. KOL marketing, first line of care channel development and direct to consumer marketing.  
  • Product launch and product development experience in a regulated environment such as class 1 or class 2 medical devices or OTC products.   
  • Preferable experience with working with venture capital firms to scale up healthtech propositions. 
  • Able to initiate and oversee a clinical study for medical marketing purposes and to obtain CE-marking with help from third party experts. 

The opportunity
We offer the unique opportunity to an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial ambition to come on board as a partner (essentially co-founder) in a highly promising venture. The participation package includes:

  • Equity-based remuneration.
  • Cash compensation tied to successful funding of the company.
  • The opportunity to Co-fund at a favorable valuation.
  • Access to the expertise and network of the entire NLC ecosystem including the use of NLC Venture Services.
  • Sparring and support from your Venture Partner and the dozens of CEO’s leading our other (50+) ventures.
  • Last but not least: You will play a key role in bringing a solution to millions of chronic sinusitis patients with a high unmet need and help those patients by making them pain- and symptom-free.

For more information please contact Eva Demandt (Venture Teaming) via