Entrepreneurial CEO for Aido

We are looking for an entrepreneurial CEO to lead a venture with a vendor neutral clip-on device that has the ability to push the boundaries of advanced endoscopy. 

The invention
Flexible endoscopy is increasingly developing into a therapeutic instead of a purely diagnostic discipline. As the complexity of procedures performed by flexible endoscopy increases, so does the difficulty in managing the tools used for interventional procedures. With current devices, the right hand must switch frequently between the shaft of the endoscope, and a tool inserted in the working channel of the endoscope.

AIDO aims to optimize the usability and comfort for interventional procedures with a plug-and-play device. It consists of a clip-on device that can be clipped onto all currently available endoscopes, which facilitates automatic insertion of the instruments in the working channel of the endoscope and a drive unit that allows automatic fine movement control of the tool. 

Not having to let go of the endoscope shaft during procedures allows the surgeon greater control and ease of use, and pushes the boundaries of advanced endoscopy.

There is a working prototype, but moulds need to be created to high scale production, and animal studies can commence. 

The Startup CEO
The Startup CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the overall business strategy, actively supported by NLC The Healthtech Venture Builder. Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Overseeing operations and business activities to ensure desired results are produced and, consistent with the overall strategy and mission;
  • Will be responsible for obtaining class IIa certification;
  • Will be responsibly for scaling up production; 
  • Successfully raise multimillion investments; 
  • Manage investor relations and future investors;
  • Prepare and initiate the exit strategy.

Competencies required

  • Entrepreneurial drive.
  • Networking and influencing at all levels of seniority.
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly strong presentation and negotiation skills.

Experience required

  • Experience overseeing manufacturing processes;
  • Experience in regulatory affairs and medical device certification;
  • Network in the area of endoscopic surgeons will be highly beneficial for the market entry and scale up;
  • Multi million fundraising experience, having realised an exit is a plus.

The offer
We offer the unique opportunity to an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial ambition to come on board as a partner (essentially co-founder) in a highly promising venture. You will receive equity-based remuneration and accept tying initial cash compensation to successful funding of the company. Co-funding is stimulated.

For more information please contact Iselde van Beurden (Venture Teaming) via iselde.vanbeurden@nlc.health