Startup-CEO for OsteoWeld/Transet

OsteoWeld/Transet is an integrated orthopedic solution that allows for near infinite ways to fix bone fractures. Will you lead this NLC Venture in commercialising their unique osteosynthesis solution?

The Invention

Fractures in and around joints are difficult to treat with current solutions. Our solution solves this issue by offering a novel repositioning clamp and an ultrasonic welding device, that welds anchors and sutures wherever needed in the bone. The solution finds its primary application in Trauma and Sportsmedicine and could also be used for tissue, ligament and tendon repair.
The technology was invented by Bonutti Technologies, and will be further developed and commercialised by OsteoWeld/Transet, a venture founded by NLC, the Health Tech Venture builder.

The Startup CEO
The startup CEO will be responsible for developing and leading the startup company, actively supported by NLC, The Healthtech Venture Builder and Bonutti Technologies.

Main responsibilities will include:

  • Fundraising: Money is needed to support development and market introduction of the products;
  • Clinical & Regulatory development: Support the inventor in obtaining FDA clearance (anchors are cleared, clamp not yet) and apply for CE marking;
  • Networking: Build a network of KOL’s and early-adopters within Trauma and Sportsmedicine;
  • Commercial: Prepare and initiate the go-to-market strategy in Europe and the US.

Competencies required:

  • Strong entrepreneurial drive;
  • Experienced leader and manager, experienced in leading individuals and teams;
  • Ability to successfully network and influence at all levels of seniority.

Experience required:

  • Several years within a broad commercial role within Trauma or Sportsmedicine;
  • Fundraising experience;
  • Overall leadership of a company, business or (development) program with P&L responsibility, including leading multidisciplinary teams and responsibility for finance;
  • Strategic leadership in the area of NPL or product innovation;
  • (Overseeing) Regulatory approval of medical devices in Europe.


  • The CEO is attracted to equity-based remuneration and accepts tying initial cash compensation to the success of  funding the company;
  • Co-funding is possible and stimulated;
  • The successful applicant will be based in Europe and is willing to regularly travel to the US.

Candidates who meet these criteria are encouraged to contact Iselde van Beurden via for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!