Venture go-to-market Internship

NLC is the European Healthtech Venture Builder. Our mission is to advance health by making impactful medical technologies accessible for everyone. We achieve this by building startups following our unique NLC approach: entrepreneurship at scale. This allows us to scout thousands of inventions each year, select the most promising and turn these into impactful healthtech ventures. We are a team of 50 impact driven professionals with a fast growing portfolio of over 50 life changing ventures. 

Your role
As our portfolio grows, so does the number of ventures that starts considering how their go-to-market approach should be structured. In this assignment, we expect you to take ownership of developing ‘highways to the market’ for our ventures. Your tasks would include:

  • Creating a heatmap of go-to-market approaches being deployed by healthtec ventures across the world
  • Mapping and ranking the landscape of partners for go-to-market for ventures (distributors, corporates, venture collectives, etc.)
  • Deepening the collective understanding of what our 60+ ventures need in terms of support when it comes to market entry, including clustering our ventures as appropriate through needs- and/or the market lens
  • Proposing one or multiple potential solutions for creating our highways to the market
  • Support the implementation of these solutions, for example, by supporting the closing of framework contracts with key distributors


Your profile
We are looking for a motivated student who wants to experience entrepreneurship, and use their business knowledge to help building impactful startups:

  • High potential students with at least a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of economics, (international) business, or other management related studies
  • Strong, professional communicator in English with an eye for detail;
  • Adaptive capabilities in a constantly changing environment;
  • Batteries-included team player; and
  • Affinity with innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, healthcare, and/or startups.

We offer

  • A full time internship position (40 hours a week) for a period of six months
  • Working at our HQ in Amsterdam if government guidelines due to COVID-19 permit (otherwise working remotely);  
  • An internship compensation of €300-€500 per month;
  • A lean and positive team culture which we call ‘TODO’: Together, Open, Decisive and Optimistic.

Want to make IMPACT, not coffee? Please contact Sabine Brans via with your CV and motivation letter in which you pay attention to the following five questions: 

  • Please describe, in your own words, what you think a venture builder does and elaborate on your motivation to seek an internship within a healthtech venture builder?
  • Please describe two of your learning objectives; How do you believe this internship would help you achieve these? 
  • Please describe two examples of the learnings you have obtained during  your extracurricular activities and how those will be beneficial during  this internship?
  • Which NLC Venture excites you the most and why? 

At NLC, we believe diversity drives innovation. We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer. 

NLC is a certified B Corporation and part of it’s community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.