Our vision is to transform healthcare through the real-time analysis and reporting of the patient voice across social media platforms. The wisdom of crowds phenomena ensures the insights and observations of patients is a rich and valuable resource that can improve healthcare and empower patients. We give patients a voice.

We aim to provide a global solution. We will do this through attracting the best talent possible and will gain success through always operating ethically and responsibly. Real-time qualitative data based around 8 quality domains will transform how clinical and operational teams respond to challenges in healthcare.

CEO Dr Mark Lomax

Joined PEP in Nov 2019 to help commercialise and grow the venture. Doctor (MB BS) turned entrepreneur with real-world experience of the resilience and determination required to turn innovations into successful businesses. Founded first venture, MediHome, as a junior doctor working in the NHS in 2003. As CEO, grew MediHome to a scale that saved the NHS £1Million/month by treating and caring for hospital patients at home. At the time of a successful acquisition in 2013 was employing 350 healthcare staff.

Mark has a strong network throughout healthcare internationally and has experience of novel commercial strategies, fund-raising and policy influencing.