Leiden – Today Concord Neonatal announces the closing of a substantial Series A share issue to secure further funding. With this funding, Concord Neonatal will be able to launch the product, the Concord Birth Trolley, in 2019 and realize the first sales and revenue. This funding will also allow the support of important multicenter research to confirm the impact that Concord makes on the lives of many babies and their families.

Worldwide over 1.5 million babies die each year due to complications at birth, birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age. More than 1 in 10 baby’s needs urgent care immediately after birth. Most of these babies are born premature, some experience asphyxia or other problems. Scientific research shows that clamping the umbilical cord before a baby is breathing, causes a “shock” in the baby’s blood flow; a dangerous drop in heart rate and blood oxygen levels, increasing the risk of injury to its organs, especially the brains and intestines. The Concord Birth Flow is a new way of working with a special table, the Concord Birth Trolley, allowing neonatal caregivers to provide lifesaving care with the umbilical cord intact for as long as needed. Close to mom, the baby gets the maximum benefit from the blood from the placenta, up to the moment it is breathing on its own.

CEO Rianne Rotink explains: “The year 2019 will be an important year for us. Our goal for 2019 is to implement the Concord Birth Flow with the new Concord Birth Trolley in leading hospitals in Europe and Australia. With the recent publication of the promising results of the first clinical study in British Medical Journal ADC fetal & neonatal edition, the interest in Concord is growing fast”

Already every week babies benefit from a Concord Birth Flow, with the first Concord Birth Trolleys in use at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Center, to perform a clinical study. Together with Concord Neonatal, LUMC is now preparing the “ABC3-trial” (Aeration, Breathing than Clamping), a large multicenter trial to start at the end of this year. All 10 Dutch Neonatal Intensive Care Units will be collaborating in this study, to prove exactly how much babies, and their moms will be benefitting from the Concord Birth Flow.

Concord Neonatal is a spin-off from Leiden University Medical Center and was founded by NLC, the healthtech venture builder. Concord Neonatal exists to help babies, and their parents, to win in the first minutes of life outside the womb. With challenging the conventions, Concord shows that birth can be improved by giving baby’s a shock-free birth. Concord is patented worldwide and has been successfully tested in clinical studies.

Let’s get birth right!