Image Enhancer is an algorithm that enhances images by significantly reducing noise in real-time.  We are looking for a healthcare entrepreneur (or executive with entrepreneurial drive) to lead this early stage startup as the CEO.

The invention
This image enhancer simulates the capabilities of a certain insect that can see colours in near darkness. As the patented software runs on a dedicated processor (FPGA) it runs very fast and can be applied in real-time situations both during the day and in near-dark. 

In the healthcare market, this algorithm has the potential to reduce the radiation dose of diagnostic images, by increasing the quality of the image taken at a lower radiation dose. This is also very attractive in continuous image-guided treatments for both the patient and the medical staff performing this treatment and being exposed to continuous radiation. The exposure of the patient, and the medical doctor, to radiation, for the sake of making images of excellent radiographic quality, can be reduced while maintaining the quality of the images. In case of underexposure the algorithm can improve the image quality, reducing the  number of retakes.

The Startup CEO
The CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the overall business strategy, working closely with the inventor Prof. Dr. Manfred Hartbauer of the University of Graz and actively supported by NLC I The Healthtech Venture Builder.

Responsibilities include:

  • Raise (non-dilutive) funding.
  • Direct ongoing product development.
  • Build trusted relationships in different market segments.
  • Successfully guide regulation process: (Manage the) Identification of the right regulatory path to the market, implementing quality standards and obtaining CE marking
  • Build up and manage the core team 
  • Develop a viable exit strategy 

Competencies required

  • Entrepreneurial drive.
  • Developing action oriented strategy.
  • Executing plans. Project Management with strong problem solving skills.
  • Leading individuals and teams.
  • Networking and influencing at all levels of seniority.

Experience required

  • Academic qualifications.
  • Carried overall responsibility for a company, business or (development) program.
  • A technological background or experience in medical software or algorithms. Preferably in radiology.
  • Understanding of regulatory affairs, ideally experience with algorithms aiming for a class I certification.
  • Experience in or knowledge of clinically validation medical software is a plus.


  • As CEO you are responsible for further developing and executing the strategy. You lead the venture and you are actively supported by NLC.
  • You will receive an equity-based remuneration and accept tying initial cash compensation to the success of founding and funding the company.
  • Co-funding is possible

Please contact Eva van Rooijen, NLC The Healthtech Venture Builder via: