NLC seeks a entrepreneurial CEO for our new venture Oval Bone Saw: Thanks to a unique mechanical design oval cavities can be made in long bones, through which orthopedic surgeons can remove cancerous tissues with better results and less complications. The startup CEO will be responsible for (further) product development, sufficient financing and the transfer (exit).

Chondrosarcoma is the second to most frequently encountered malignant bone tumor often occuring in the long bones. The current curettage techniques have drawbacks like post operative fractures and closing the cavity requires bone cement or an implant. The oval bone saw is easier to use, makes an oval shaped cavity, and leaves the sawed bone cap to close the cavity. It can be used with any drill. It also has the potential to save about 15 minutes Operating Room time per surgery.

Job Description

Working closely with the inventors from the Leiden University Medical Center Sander Dijkstra and Alex Vernooij and supported by NLC, you will develop and execute the commercial and overall business strategy. Key responsibilities include:

  • Direct product development with a strong focus on product marketing & KOL Management.
  • Guide regulatory process, setup of clinical research, and obtain class​2A CE certification
  • Attract financing for the venture
  • Realise sale of the venture to an exit partner.


Competencies of the ideal CEO:

  • Networking and influencing: builds rapport and strong long term relationships with all stakeholders and at all levels of seniority.
  • Entrepreneurial drive: seizes opportunities for building value, competitive advantage, and profitable revenue; strong sense of urgency in action and decision, always keeping the business impact in mind.
  • Developing action oriented strategy: sets challenging goals and a clear path to achieving them; sets priorities and makes choices; leverages expertise of others.
  • Executing plans: project management skills; strong problem solving skills; able to manage ambiguity; initiative, endurance and decisiveness; balances persistence with flexibility to adapt on better options; able to achieve optimal results with limited resources.
  • Leading individuals and teams: motivates for performance and collaboration, delegates effectively.

Prior experience

  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional experience to embody the required competencies and demonstrating track record, ideally in Orthopaedics.
  • Carried overall responsibility for a company, business or (development) program;
  • Experience in obtaining CE marking for medical devices (class 2);
  • Track record in product marketing and KOL Management;
  • Experience in raising financing and/or realising exits for medical device startups;


The CEO will work primarily for an equity stake, s/he accepts low cash compensation during the initial stages of founding and funding the company. Co-funding is possible and stimulated.
We expect this role could be fulfilled parttime and welcome any discussion on how to combine this opportunity with other activities in or outside of NLC.

We feel this is a great opportunity to work in a clearly defined market with a relatively short time to to market! For more information please contact Eva van Rooijen, Talent Manager