The invention
pERSUASIVE will develop the first reliable Point of Care (PoC) diagnostic test for Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). IHD is worldwide the number 1 cause of death, and a major contributor to morbidity and healthcare costs. Early detection and classification of the type of IHD are critical to reduce the impact for patients and the society.

Many patients present to the general practitioner (GP) or hospital emergency department (ED) with chest pain or atypical symptoms such as shortness of breath, reduced exercise tolerance, which can point to IHD. Because IHD can lead to heart failure and death, early recognition of IHD is of utmost importance for patients. Chest pain is very common and the reason for 4% of all GP visits. When referred to the hospital >80% of these patients do not have IHD. This results in a tremendous burden on health care with respect to patient management, efficiency and costs.

A point of care diagnostics for IHD and the identification of high risk patients is lacking. Troponin tests are the main tool for detection of Myocardial Infarction. Biomarker tests for Stable Angina and Unstable Angina, as the underlying cause of IHD, however, are not available.

A simple blood test that can identify the patients with IHD from all the chest pain patients will be a tremendous step forward. Cardiologists and scientists of the UMC Utrecht have discovered that an extracellular vesicle protein signature can discriminate unstable angina and stable coronary artery disease with myocardial ischemia. This biomarker will be developed as a PoC test.

The Startup CEO
The Startup CEO will lead the further clinical validation, the optimization of the test and develop the kit allowing smooth integration into clinical practice and its adoption in the market. Working closely with the inventors Prof. Dr. Dominique de Kleijn, Dr. Leo Timmers and NLC, the Startup-CEO will have the following key responsibilities:

  • Determine the steps for further clinical validation of the test.
  • Development and execution of the commercial and overall business strategy.
  • Direct ongoing product development in collaboration with the scientific team.
  • Raise financing for the venture, product development, certification and market entry.
  • Build up and manage the core team and advisory network.
  • Lead the company to optimal value creation and exit.

Competencies required

  • Entrepreneurial drive in a startup environment
  • Developing action oriented strategy
  • Executing plans
  • Leading individuals and teams
  • Networking and influencing

Prior experience

  • Developing and bringing a diagnostic test to market including clinical validation and regulatory requirements of diagnostic tests
  • Preferably experience in the diagnostics and/ or biomarkers field.
  • Preferably, fundraising and M&A for early stage companies
  • Experience to embody the required competencies and demonstrating track record
  • Carried overall responsibility for a company, business or (development) program


  • The CEO is interested in equity-based remuneration and accepts tying initial cash compensation to the success of founding and funding the company.
  • Co-funding is possible.

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