NLC seeks the CEO for the venture SNiPER, developing a blood based biomarker test for early detection of breast cancer. This novel screening method could dramatically improve the care and outcome for patients.

The invention
Researchers from RWTH Aachen University Hospital have invented a minimally invasive blood based biomarker test consisting of a panel of epigenetic biomarkers for the early detection of breast cancer. The test has high sensitivity and specificity and is applicable for a wider patient group compared to the golden standard mammography, which has poor patient compliance and poor sensitivity. Blood based biomarkers could lead to higher adherence and early detection of breast cancer, which is key to successful treatment and outcomes.

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer with 1.7 million people newly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Mammography screening has been implemented in many countries. However, nearly half of the eligible women do not take part in screening, which is only available for women aged 50 to 70. Additionally, the sensitivity of the mammography is poor.

The Startup CEO
The Startup CEO will lead the optimization of the test and develop the kit allowing smooth integration into clinical practice and its adoption in the market, eventually to acceptance as the new standard for early screening.

Working closely with the inventors Prof. Edgar Dahl PhD and Jolein Mijnes MSc. and NLC, the Startup-CEO will have the following key responsibilities:

  • Determine the steps for further validation of the test.
  • Development and execution of the commercial and overall business strategy.
  • Direct ongoing product development in collaboration with the scientific team.
  • Raise financing for the venture, product development, certification and market entry.
  • Build up and manage the core team and advisory network.
  • Lead the company to optimal value creation and exit.

Competencies required

  • Entrepreneurial drive in a startup environment
  • Developing action oriented strategy
  • Executing plans
  • Leading individuals and teams
  • Networking and influencing

Prior experience

  • Developing and bringing a diagnostic test to market including clinical validation and regulatory requirements of diagnostic tests
  • Preferably experience in diagnostics (breast cancer) ¬†and/ or biomarkers (oncology)
  • Preferably, fundraising and M&A for early stage companies
  • Experience to embody the required competencies and demonstrating track record
  • Carried overall responsibility for a company, business or (development) program
  • English fluent (plus German preferred)


  • The CEO is interested in equity-based remuneration and accepts tying initial cash compensation to the success of founding and funding the company.
  • Co-funding is possible

For more information please contact: Eva van Rooijen (