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Being able to identify tissue – distinguish between targeted and non targeted tissue – is crucial during surgery to prevent damage to non targeted tissue. Marking of tissue is currently done by various imaging techniques, but current techniques focus on one specific application, for example visualization of cancerous tissue.


High-quality, low-cost method for marking of tissue provides a huge opportunity because the applications are limitless. For every type of surgical procedure imaging is required to mark targeted tissue, with more than others. 


Aptamers are single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules which bind to organic or inorganic molecules. Aptamers are characterized by having a high specificity to a specific target molecule. One or more indicator elements can be bound to the aptamer. These indicator elements produce a signal e.g. spectral, paramagnetic, acoustic, etc. thereby allowing identification of target tissue. 


One broad patent describing the concept has been filed in several territories, but dvisionals are expected. 

This technology is at TRL 1: the concept is defined. The next step is to further develop the concept and define the first applications to test the concept. 

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Sjaak Deckers

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Experienced MedTech executive with ample experience in fund-raising and creating and growing MedTech companies for complex Class III medical devices (including Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation, acquired by Medtronic, and GTX medical). Over 25 years of experience in R&D project management, product management, creating and managing alliances, and early stage venturing, mainly for MedTech and Healthcare products.