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Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. For 5% to 10% of women the pain is severe enough to disrupt their life. With 5-10% of women this is seriously exacerbated by endometriosis. 

There is a significant unmet consumer need for effective menstrual- and endometriosis pain relief. An ideal solution would not only relieve the pain, but be instantly effective, and could be applied in any situation.

Moreover, femtech is an underserved green field market with low awareness and penetration with high potential.



NLC and Philips agreed to build a venture that develops a pain relief solution tailored to women. 

Pain relief is provided using TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), a proven therapy for managing menstrual pain. This device is wireless, easy to use and safe. It can be used safely with no guidance of a healthcare professional. The thin TENS electrodes can be applied directly to the body, are ultra-thin and wireless / remote controlled, making them suitable for pain relief in any situation.


The concept has been tested and efficacy has been proven. Next step is to develop the hardware to the required specifications and user group and bring it to market.

Meet the team

Pieter Wijffels (1)

Pieter Wijffels

Venture Partner

Pieter joined NLC in April 2020 as a Venture Partner. Before joining NLC, he spent 15 years at Philips, bringing innovation to life across the globe. He enjoys working in fast-paced environments and supporting initiatives that truly improve people’s lives.