A ‘shock-free’ birth for every baby, and mom

     CHALLENGE 1 in 10 babies is having problems at birth. Most of these babies are born premature, some experience asphyxia or other problems. These babies need all the strength and support they can get.
Still, medical convention prescribes to cut the umbilical cord immediately after birth to provide urgent care, taking the baby away from its mother. Scientific research shows that clamping the umbilical cord before a baby is breathing, causes a “shock” in the baby’s blood flow; a dangerous drop in heart rate and blood oxygen levels, increasing the risk of injury to its organs, especially the brains and intestines.

     OPPORTUNITY Every year, worldwide 10 million babies do not breathe at birth. Birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age, responsible for over 1 million deaths every year. Of the babies who survive, over 40% have mild to severe handicaps, including learning problems, ADHD or motor problems. Having the best possible support close to mother in the first minutes of life is a birth right for every baby.

     SOLUTION Scientists from Leiden University Medical Center developed a new way of working to give babies a “shock free birth”, allowing the neonatal caregiver to provide lifesaving care with the umbilical cord intact, up to the moment it is breathing on its own.
We call this the Concord Birth Flow. Key to the Concord Birth Flow is the Concord Birth Trolley, a new treatment platform with a patented slot for the umbilical cord, to keep the baby very close to mom, even with a very short umbilical cord connected. Mom can see and touch her baby.

     STATUS Every week babies benefit from a Concord Birth, with a prototype of the Concord Birth Trolley in use at LUMC and Erasmus MC. Promising results of a first clinical trial have been published.
Commercial launch of Concord is planned in 2019, with all Dutch NICUs to participate in a large multicenter trial.

Let’s get birth right!

Concord Neonatal