Single step blood sampling and plasma preparation for Point of Care and Home-use testing

     CHALLENGE The long term sustainability of our health care system will be based on our ability to provide optimal treatment and therapy selection. Blood based medical tests inform a vast array of medical decisions, and the potential for testing to influence patient outcomes has been extensively demonstrated.
Blood sampling is performed in many cases by venous blood draws, performed by specialist nurses in hospitals or specialized clinics. There is  an unmet need for minimally invasive blood sampling technologies to facilitate Point-of-Care and Home Use testing.

     OPPORTUNITY DTwist is applicable in many segments, such as the Emergency Department, GP office, low resource settings and home use. DTwist intends to sell its device to other Dx test manufacturers to address these end-markets.
Addressable segments within the lab based diagnostics segments include immunology (6.15B$), Cardiology (1.55 B$) and inflammatory diseases or syndromes (1.65B$), with CAGRs ranging from 7.5% to 9.6%. The global PoC market is 21.4 B$, expected to reach 38.4 B$ by 2023.

     SOLUTION DTwist has developed a non-invasive single step blood sampling and plasma separation device to capture finger stick blood, and separate the plasma for a point-of-care blood test or submission of the sample for lab testing.
DTwist’s device has been tested in 1700 patients at high risk of Acute Myocardial Infarction in an Emergency Department in the UK, and shown the reliable, robust and usable by non-expert users, making the device ideally suitable for decentralized blood sampling and testing.

     STATUS Efficacy has been demonstrated in a 1,700 patient AMI trial in UK hospitals using a lateral flow device as a test read-out platform. This has generated interest from other Dx companies to access DTwist’s device.
DTwist is seeking investment to optimize DTwist’s design, facilitating different back-end technologies to enable lab based and PoC testing, upscale manufacturing, develop Proof of Concepts for Molecular Diagnostics applications and longitudinal home-use testing use cases. The device is ready for manufacturing and commercialization.