Challenge Laryngeal masks are an effective way to ensure oxygen supply during surgery. However, in 5% of the cases a laryngeal mask is used, an air leak develops during surgery. This causes an insufficient supply of air and an increased aspiration risk for the patient. In those cases, conversion to intubation may be necessary. Intubation is more invasive and cause of additional physical stress and complications for patients, as well as prolongation of rotation time.

     Opportunity Yearly, around 180 million surgeries are being performed with the use of laryngeal masks worldwide. Of this market, around 5% is eligible for this solution which accumulates to a total amount of 9 million surgeries annually.

     Solution Anesthesiologist Dr. Khaled Rafiqpoor has invented the LarynxLock: a device that prevents air leaks from occurring. By applying upwards pressure to the soft floor of the mouth with a specifically formed headband, the anatomical shape is restored and leakage avoided. Patients are provided with sufficient air supply during the surgery and intubation is avoided.


  • Prevents air leaks and subsequent  complications during surgery
  • Lowers physical strain on patients
  • Simple, cost-effective solution

     Status A patent application has been filed. Product development and clinical testing are the next steps.