A liquid biopsy test for early detection of breast cancer

     Challenge Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer with 1.7 million people newly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Every 4th woman dies of breast cancer. Early detection is key to successful treatment and outcome, hence mammography screening programmes have been implemented in many countries.  However, 46% of eligible women do not take part in screening, which is only available for women aged 50 to 70. Additionally the sensitivity of mammography is poor and highly dependant on breast density.

     Opportunity The global breast cancer screening market is projected to reach 21 billion USD by the end of 2024. We aim to target a market not currently within the screening programme.

     Solution Researchers from Aachen University Hospital have identified a blood based panel of gene markers for early detection of breast cancer with improved sensitivity and specificity. With this minimally invasive liquid biopsy test, it is expected that compliance of screening will increase and make screening available for a wider group. Improved early detection will improve treatment and patient outcome.

     Evidence Sensitivity and specificity in liquid samples with breast cancer were found to be 81% and 83% respectively.

     Status A patent application has been filed. EP20150192136