Challenge Rehabilitation therapy is labor-intensive and costly. It requires almost constant supervision by therapists. Budget restraints limit therapy intensity and duration. Therefore, patients do not achieve maximal attainable recovery and participation in society suffers. Current therapy is inadequate, society as a whole and clinics in particular need to find ways to reduce costs and improve performance.

     Solution Symbio Therapy’s game-based therapeutic approach empowers patients and extends care outside the boundaries of the clinic. Symbio Therapy empowers patients and enhances rehabilitation through computer assisted sensor-motor task training, helping patients to regain fine motor skills after injury or diseases. At the heart of our services is our WikiTherapy, an online knowledge-base – made by and for therapists – to create and share successful therapies. The ‘TagTrainer’ is connected to a tablet/computer with access to these exercises, performed by patients using real life ‘tagged’ objects. This enables patients to exercise independently from the therapist. The therapist remains in control by prescribing exercises and monitoring progress remotely. Customized exercises with gaming elements and detailed performance feedback boost patient motivation, increasing therapy intensity and significantly improving end-results, at lower costs.

     Opportunity Worldwide stroke is the premier cause of problems with fine motor skills. Including other conditions impairing motor functions (e.g. MS, SCI and children with CP), the estimated total addressable market is 2 million patients per year. We specifically target clinics that provide rehabilitation therapy that can be improved with TagTrainer. The Dutch and Belgian (Flanders) market consists of 36 clinics with an estimated 25,000 potential patients per year; EU and North-American market consists of almost 1200 clinics with 900,000 potential patients. Clinics that offer these rehabilitation therapies will buy our service because they are all struggling to improve performance at lower cost.