Fracture Fixation System

Implants designed for repair of large fracture fragments usually require a metal plate or rod and multiple screws to adequately fixate the fracture.
These are poor options for weaker bone, for fractures or fragments in close proximity of joints, and bone fragments with soft tissue attachments. Fractures in and around joints are difficult to treat with current solutions. There remains a need for smart and minimally invasive clamping tools to reduce fractures.

In total, there are roughly 40.000 patients a year in the Netherlands alone in need of surgery for their bone fracture in either upper or lower extremities.
Currently, for half of these, there is no ideal fixation method.

Bonutti Technologies has come up with a novel approach to this issue, and built a solution that solves the issue by offering a unique repositioning clamp, combined with corresponding anchors and sutures. The solution can be used on its own using established fixation methods or in combination with another Bonutti product, OsteoWeld, for fixation by ultrasonic welding.

The anchors and sutures have been developed and 510k cleared. What remains to be done is to further develop the repositioning clamp and clinically validate the overall solution. The system is also approved for use with its companion solution OsteoWeld.