Many great inventions do not reach our most loves ones. At NLC, we don’t accept this status quo. To make the necessary change we must look at the heart of the problem. The innovation process has created many players that work in silos and are not able to find each other well enough to create fruitful and meaningful innovations together. The current system desperately fails to keep up with the enormous demand for innovation that is yet to come.

That’s where we come in. We overcome these barriers and construct bridges between fragmented parties. We designed a bold model to create early-stage healthtech ventures and step in when we are needed most:

  • We step in when all other players can’t
  • We step in when the team has yet to be formed
  • We step in when market proof is yet to come

We can step in because our model and mission are fully aligned. Our multilingual team is able to speak the languages of the many different silos. We unify the best tech with the best people and the best capital. We do this by working with leading European research institutes, first-class hospitals, successful entrepreneurs, world-class capital, innovative SMEs, global market leaders and the whole range of service providers. Together we build life-changing healthtech ventures, bringing science to life.

The NLC corporate movie