Oval cuts for treating chondrosarcoma and other diseases

     Challenge Chondrosarcoma is the second to most frequently encountered malignant bone tumor, often occurring in the femur. Intralesional curettage is a successful treatment for low-grade sarcoma. This is done through an opening created in the cortical bone using a oscillating saw or a milling cutter. A major drawback of the current cutting techniques is sharp edges causing postoperative fractures. Also, cutting the opening requires a lot of skill. Finally, closing the opening requires currently bone cement or an implant.

     Opportunity There is a clear need for this oval bone saw. The number of chondrosarcoma surgeries performed is around 6,000 per year in Europe and 1,.000 in the US. With a market penetration of 30% in the EU and the US by 2023, the Oval Bone Saw would be generating revenues close to € 1M.

     Solution The Oval Bone Saw is an instrument that makes an oval shaped cut, is easy to use and leaves the cap to close the cavity. The oval shaped cut ensures that there are no sharp edges. The cutting is performed by a band saw driven by 2 drive rollers and the Oval Bone Saw can be used with any drill. This solution for the drawbacks of current cutting techniques would benefit patients by reducing the chance of post operative fractures. Also, this solution would benefit surgeons with an easier to use tool to open and close the cavity. Finally, this new saw has the potential to save about 15 minutes of time during procedures.

     Status The technology is patented and first trials with a prototype on  cadaveric bone have been successfully completed. Next steps will focus on securing CE marking (IIa), complete product development of the saw and provide additional clinical evidence.

Movie: Oval Bone Saw