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Personalised mechanical compression done right

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PEP Health


Let hospitals and supervisory bodies know there is a quality issue the moment it arises, using publicly available sources

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Nico.Lab provides an algorithm to interpret medical scans of stroke victims, to make quick, calculated decisions on treatments and monitoring

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What’s your mission?

Bring your healthtech invention to the patient

It can be hard to combine the academic perspective with entrepreneurial activities. NLC is here to help you to bring your healthtech invention to the patient. By building ventures at scale, NLC has built valuable experience in overcoming hurdles like filing patents, securing start-up capital, organising clinical trials and getting your invention to the market. You can be as involved as you want, allowing you to continue focussing on your academic work whilst at the same time help developing your invention.

For inventors

Create impact by leading an innovative venture

For each healthtech venture we build, a startup CEO is recruited to take up responsiblity for strategy and execution of bringing the invention to the market. NLC's team of experienced experts and advisors is there to help you every step of the way.

For Entrepreneurs

Invest in healthtech ventures with impact

NLC offers investors - both professional and angel investors - unique access to early seed investment opportunities. Due to our extensive scrutinizing process, only the most promising, life changing and impactfull technology reaches our investors. Our strategy of entrepreneurship at scale allows us to gather data and learnings in healthtech venture building, thus minimising the early stage risk curve in which NLC operates.

For Investors


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Impact and Data Driven Marketeer for European Healthtech Venture Builder

The Netherlands · Marketeer · 1 FTE · Amsterdam & remote

Build ventures. Advance health. NLC is the European Healthtech Venture Builder. Our mission is to advance health by making impactful medical technologies accessible for…

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Healthtech Executive Search Recruiter

The Netherlands · Healthtech Executive Search Recruiter · 1 FTE · Amsterdam

NLC is the European Healthtech Venture Builder. Our mission is to advance health by making impactful medical technologies accessible for everyone. This is achieved…

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NLC and Medtech Europe publish reflection paper on how to improve the innovative landscape of Europe in health tech

MedTech Europe in collaboration with NLC published a reflection paper outlining how Europe can provide a more attractive landscape for Innovation in health tech….

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