What do we do

We are committed to pioneering disruptive technologies that redefine patient care—elevating experiences and outcomes in the healthcare sector. Our mission is to fast-track scientific research, commercialize open-source products, and cultivate digital business models from the ground up. We do this by building ventures together with leading research institutes, academic centers, corporate organizations, or pioneering innovators..

Our ventures receive comprehensive support – starting with initial capital, extending to legal and financial guidance, and encompassing operational support and strategy. Our extensive ecosystem of experts also offers the resources necessary to guide and take innovation to the next level.

If you’re an inventor with a transformative digital health idea, or someone who is simply passionate about shaping the future of digital healthcare, we want to hear from you. Reach out to us to learn more about us and explore how we can collaborate to make healthcare better, together.



A significant amount of our ventures start with inventions originating in academic institutions or hospitals. We see thousands of projects each year, and select the most promising ones by evaluating their medical and commercial potential.


The majority of our technologies come from academic hospitals, universities, and research institutes. We partner with leading academic centers and clinical hospitals across Europe and the US a, clinicians, investors, and numerous industry partners, as well as with individual inventors, clinicians, and experts, in order to identify the most promising technologies and nurture them into successful ventures within our Venture Building ecosystem and community.


.We also run an ideation lab where we focus on the unmet needs and problems directly from patients, healthcare professionals, and operational staff who see problems face-to-face. We believe that sourcing of ideas this way ensures that we build technologies in the areas of greatest need.

From joint development to licensing technologies, or participation in expert panels. We collaborate with each partner in a different way and tailor the partnerships towards our shared goal: Bringing your science to the patient.

If you have a groundbreaking idea, an unmet need that needs to be solved or believe we should be collaborating, please get in touch.


Industry partners

We collaborate with small and large companies to jointly develop projects. Our network extends to large corporates like Philips and leading academic hospitals across the world, venture capital firms, service providers, and other venture builders. Through our established partnership model, we are able to provide industry-initiated projects with a nurturing ecosystem to enable or accelerate them, and ultimately bring promising technologies to the patients who need them.

Would you like to work with one of our ventures, have an idea yourself or would discuss a join development, do not hesitate to reach out.


Kasimir Friederich

Kasimir Friederich

Digital Venture Architect

Kasimir joined NLC in November 2022 as a Digital Venture Architect. After studying economics and gaining practical experience in the digital and startup field, he worked for a digital consulting firm. Here, Kasimir focussed on corporate venture building, ideating and validating business models that have great potential to create viable business opportunities for the future. With this background, he will support the digital domain in building the most promising digital health ventures applying a human-centric approach to venture building - addressing the most pressing problems and finding the right solutions.

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Irni Gemzon

Venture Builder

Irni is a medical doctor with an MBA and also has an educational background in microbiology, and biotech + pharma management. He is an active practicing physician and a medical school faculty member in the Philippines; and held previous applied and clinical research roles in virology, antibiotic resistance, genetics, and oncology. Irni founded a successful digital-based healthcare company that addressed primary care accessibility during the pandemic and is an experienced consultant that helps digital and healthtech founders define their technology and find correct solutions for unmet healthcare needs. He joined NLC in April 2022 and is always looking for ways to push healthcare innovation forward and bring this faster to the patient’s bedside.

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Annameta Gericke

Venture Developer

Annameta joined NLC in April 2020. She is working as a Venture Developer, with the mission of creating a positive impact on patients’ lives. Having lived in Italy, UK, and the Netherlands, Annameta has developed an open and international outlook. She holds an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL and is part of the digital and Medtech domains. She enjoys new challenges and meeting driven inventors.

Thomas Stirrop

Thomas Stirrop

Venture Developer

Thomas joined NLC in May 2022 as a venture developer. He is interested in the intersection between science & society and how ideas can be translated into measurable impact on patient health. Thomas has a background in Biotechnology (health and environmental) and life science business. He has worked previously as an innovation consultant, specialised in funding, and is excited to use these skills to help bring science to life at NLC.


Ciara Hennessy

Digital Health Strategist

Ciara joined NLC in January 2023 as part of the Technology Assessment and strategy team.In this role, she brought her previous experience as an NHS doctor, digital lead for a telehealth company and consulting to our feasibility analysis, quality control, IP evaluation, venture deal terms for MedTech, digital health and biotech leads. In June 2023, Ciara became the first hire into the digital health strategist role, using her unique perspective of the problems which exist in healthcare and focusing on bringing disruptive technologies forward to improve patients' experiences and outcomes in healthcare. Prior to NLC, Ciara spent 12 years as a medical doctor with international experience of working in 5 different healthcare systems. Ciara achieved her MBA with distinction from Alliance Manchester Business school to realign her problem-solving ability from patient focuses to the wider healthcare ecosystem. She is looking forward to leveraging this experience to support NLC's future growth plans.

Thomas Kousholt

Thomas Kousholt

Venture Partner

Thomas joined NLC in January 2023. He has a background in technology and is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building tech companies across different areas including mobile, AI, ecommerce and medtech. Thomas brings full startup lifecycle experience of raising funding, building, scaling and exiting. His expertise extends bringing digital health products to an international market and growing early-stage startups into profitable businesses. Thomas is passionate about the potential of digital technology to meet the challenges of the future of healthcare.