NLC offers investors, both professional and angel investors, unique access to early stage healthtech investment opportunities. Due to our extensive vetting process, only the most promising and potentially life-changing technologies are presented to our investors.

If you are interested in joining our mission by combining healthy financial returns with creating real impact, NLC offers three different investment options.

Invest in NLC’s ventures

All of NLC’s high impact ventures require capital to grow. By investing directly into individual ventures you have the opportunity to become actively involved, with a view to high potential upsides. Compared to more traditional investments, investing in our ventures are significantly less risky due to the expert support we provide as well as access to our professional network.

In case you would like to know more about NLC’s direct investment opportunities, there are three options. First of all, we share updates on investment opportunities with our investor network on a regular basis. Second of all, we share a complete overview of our portfolio, including venture one pagers, with our investor network every quarter. In case you would be interested to receive both, or either, of these updates, you can request to be added to the respective mailing lists by clicking on the buttons below. And finally, if you would like to find out more details about our ventures and their investment opportunities, you can request to set up a meeting with someone from NLC’s Venture Finance team by clicking on the button below.

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Invest in NLC’s funds

NLC has set up several investment funds to provide investors access to a diversified portfolio of impactful healthtech ventures with one single investment, allowing them to spread their risk over multiple investments at low transaction costs. For more information, please see our dedicated NLC funds page here –

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Invest in NLC

By investing in NLC, you become a shareholder of the entire firm and acquire a direct stake in our venture building platform, as well as an indirect stake in all of NLC’s current and future ventures.

The latest funding round closed in 2021 and currently NLC does not have any open investment opportunities. If you would like to be informed once NLC starts fundraising again, please click on the button below.

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