Physicians experience several challenges during endoscopic procedures, such as vision loss of the target, poor precision control, and workflow disruption, resulting in frustration and exhaustion. The complexity of procedures performed by flexible endoscopy is also increasing, leading to difficulties in managing the tools used for delicate interventional procedures. The endoscopist’s right hand must frequently switch between the shaft of the endoscope and tools inserted in the endoscope working channel, resulting in inefficiencies and time loss.


AIDO’s drive unit simplifies complex endoscopic procedures, adding precision and advancing the frontiers of interventional endoscopy. When using AIDO’s drive unit, the physician’s hand does not have to let go of the endoscopic shaft, resulting in higher efficiency and saving time. This creates a platform technology that allows for the future development of additional functions tailored to meet market demands.


AIDO’s drive unit design can be integrated with any flexible endoscope and simplifies the control of devices and instruments inserted through its working channel. It consists of a single-use clip-on unit configured for all currently available endoscopes. This enables automatic insertion and fine control of instruments in the endoscope’s working channel. The speed of the insertion and extraction can be controlled with the speed regulator according to the procedure and the endoscopist’s preferences.

AIDO’s drive unit allows physicians to focus on further technical performance, team leadership, and patient safety. The technology also enables novice endoscopists to learn how to perform interventional procedures faster and facilitates the opportunity for experts to push the boundaries of new techniques.

The product is brought by Dr Lee Swanstrom, a leading endoscopist, and the innovation team from IHU Strasbourg. It is the first of its kind on a worldwide market.


A working 3D printed prototype is available. AIDO has conducted research with more than 60 key opinion leaders and novice endoscopists. All endorsed AIDO’s concept and novel design, confirming that it simplified and decreased the procedure time, provided better control during interventional procedures and improved user experience, ultimately increasing patient safety. Our next step is to seek high-scale production and obtaining a CE and FDA approval, so AIDO can be implemented in the clinical setting.

Meet the team


Prof. dr. Lee Swanstrom



Bruno Mutet



Alessandro Radaelli


Alessandro joined NLC in April 2022 and brings over 20 years of experience in the MedTech industry. His passion lies in translating clinical needs into meaningful solutions, building purpose-driven 'tribes' of early adopters and taking impactful innovations from idea to business realisation. He has lived in four European countries and has travelled to more than 20 countries with great curiosity for healthcare systems, and the local food culture.