Allergy is among the most common chronic diseases worldwide. 20% of the world’s population suffers from an allergy , who live
with a severe debilitating form of their condition, and struggle daily with the fear of a possible asthma attack, anaphylactic shock,
or even death from an allergic reaction (EAACI, 2016).

Current tests to diagnose allergies such as the skin prick test and the IgE blood tests, indicate sensitization to allergens, but not
necessarily an allergic response. These tests are in the majority of cases not indicative of an actual allergy and are therefore
insufficient (resulting in false positive diagnoses) or run the risk of triggering allergic reactions in patients.

Allergios® is ready to change this and will positively impact millions of lives of allergy sufferers across the world.


Market reports show the world’s Allergy Diagnostics Market is expected to reach over $8.6 billion by 2026. There is a great need
for new diagnostic solutions to replace current inaccurate methods.


Researchers from the University of Bremen, supported by colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna, have developed a method and
system that can directly diagnose allergies by visualising the allergic response:

the ability of immunological factors in patient blood to induce degranulation of basophils in the presence of allergen

Allergios® offers an effective and scalable In -vitro allergy diagnostic, which works by visually analyzing how a few drops of blood serum
react to an allergen. Armed with a disposable microfluidic chip, an optical reader (GranulEye®) and AI based analysis software, allergy tests
can be run safely and easily, enabling clinicians to provide timely effective treatment options based on a clear and unambiguous diagnosis by
the Allergios® allergy test.

Allergios®– we see Allergy.


Allergios® has successfully completed the Biological Validation of the Allergios® allergy test in a clinical setting (reaching TRL 5),
immensely de-risking the innovation.

Having completed the Biological Validation, Allergios® will focus on raising new capital, aiming for Series-A funding of €2.5m.

Proceeds of this new financing round will be used to secure key personnel and to optimize our test, making it ready for clinical trials under
IVDR and FDA guidelines

We have secured our basic innovation by filing for US and EUR patents, we are currently expanding IP coverage (with flanking IP’s)

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Roland joined NLC in March 2015. He is a trained pharmacist, has worked in several pharmaceutical companies, and has broad experience in marketing and sales functions as well as general management. As Venture Partner, Roland focuses on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.