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Over 2.5 million in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles are carried out globally every year. With pregnancy rates of only 25%, improvements to IVF treatments are needed with . The quality of the oocytes, which is controlled by temperature variations, is one of the factors that go into a successful IVF cycle. In the current method, oocytes are exposed to air, resulting in evaporation and subsequent cooling. It is necessary to provide an environment that closely reflects human physiological conditions.


The technology delivers a stable physiological environment for the eggs and workflow improvement in the IVF Lab, minimize human error while saving the embryologist time.


Foveo Fertility will give egg cells a consistent physiological environment, ensuring that each egg cell has the best possible chance of conceiving a child. It will also make lab workers’ daily lives easier by streamlining workflow, giving them more freedom to organize their days, and reducing stress from timing-sensitive procedures. Since there is no other product on the market that guarantees the egg cells are kept in a physiological environment constantly, it will also enhance patients’ lives by providing their eggs the best opportunity to generate life.


A lab prototype is being created, and a human trial has demonstrated the device’s safety (15 patients, 119 oocytes). There were no oocytes lost or hurt. The design optimization and certification for commercial use are the next phases, which will guarantee that the workflow is optimized and that the egg cells are maintained in the best possible condition.

Meet the team


Eva van Rooijen


Eva is an accomplished entrepreneur with a decade of experience in early-stage healthtech. Eva’s personal journey with IVF fuels her passion for advancing fertility solutions and driving the success of Foveo Fertility.

Gina Melchner (2)

Gina Melchner

Venture Partner

Gina joined NLC in February 2020. As a Venture Partner, she works with a portfolio of Biotech and Medtech ventures. Gina also leads NLC’s Medtech Domain, ensuring we build impactful new Medtech ventures year after year. Gina holds a master’s in biotechnology from ETH Zurich and worked in management consulting as well as venture capital before joining NLC.