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The treatment of ICU patients is inherently complex, and the presence of coagulation aberrations in many of these patients only adds to this complexity. Laboratory markers of a hypo- or hyper-coagulant state are present in many ICU patients and are correlated to poor outcome. Actual clinical bleeding and thrombosis incidents are common as well and, although seemingly contradictory, many ICU
patients are at increased risk of both. This leaves the intensivist with an uncertain therapy decision.


With an incidence of 12%, ICU patients are at high risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE) and should receive preventive anticoagulant therapy. However, up to 80% of these patients will develop at least one bleeding, with major bleeding in 5.6% of the patients. Another example is sepsis-related disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), which has a mortality rate of 40%. The first clinical sign of DIC is often bleeding when a preceding diffuse microthrombotic episode has already caused multiple organ damage.


Scientists at Philips have developed a decision support system for the physician, that provides a more accurate and individual assessment of the bleeding and thrombosis risks in ICU patients. The smart algorithm, working off the patient’s data, the actual monitoring of clinical parameters and lab tests, models the coagulation system and predicts a patient’s thrombosis and bleeding risks. It then reports to the clinician and suggests what personalized action is advised for the patient.


The software model has been tested for several clinical applications and has, among others, shown to be able to accurately predict VTE and DIC risks in study populations. Next steps are to advance the potential of the model into attractive commercial propositions and to validate the initial results in prospective clinical trials.

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