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Each year over 1,5 million man are suspected to have prostate cancer (PCa) based on an increased PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood value. Each suspected patient is diagnosed whether the indication is actually true and what the stage of the PCa is. At present this diagnosis involves taking of 12 tissue biopts. Related problems with this method are: 6% infection risk, 40% false negatives and a 75% over treatment rate.


The world-wide need for PCaVision scans is estimated to amount approximately 7 million per year. Given the cost saving PCaVision yields, this translates into an market for PCaVision of valued at USD 450M per year.


Researchers at the Technical University of Eindhoven have developed a methodology and algorithms enabling to detect, localise and characterise prostate cancer tumors with ultrasound: PCaVision. PCaVision can replace the biopsy based diagnosis eliminating infection risk, reducing cost and increasing patient comfort and outcomes.


The present IP is the result of an investment of EUR 4M in research during the past 9 years. The core IP is protected with a European and US patent. The technology has been clinical validated in 200 patients. The venture Angiogenesis Analytics is the exclusive owner of all IP. Angiogenesis Analytics will develop and market PCaVision starting form 2020 aiming for a market introduction in 2024. In Q4 2019 Angiogenesis Analytics has been awarded an EPRC Research grant, a RABO Achtergestelde Innovatie Krediet, NWO Takeoff loan and a Brabant Startup Fund facility.

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Pieter Wijffels

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Pieter joined NLC in April 2020 as a Venture Partner. Before joining NLC, he spent 15 years at Philips, bringing innovation to life across the globe. He enjoys working in fast-paced environments and supporting initiatives that truly improve people’s lives.