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Many diseases are diagnosed or monitored via blood tests, for which patients need to go to a laboratory and have close interaction with a healthcare professional. Home blood collection by the patient is an important development that saves everyone involved time and costs, and prevents exposure to contagious diseases like Covid-19. For long term disease monitoring, home blood collection improves compliance and early intervention possibilities upon disease recurrence. However, current solutions lack the accuracy, ease-of-use, and compatibility with clinical analyzers to replace the need for in-person testing.


Home blood collection is an attractive solution for many indications that require regular monitoring (e.g. recurring or chronic diseases) or remote diagnosis and monitoring (e.g. infectious or debilitating diseases). For the initially targeted use cases, infectious diseases, prostate cancer and diabetes, the opportunity is already large. Covid-19 is an acute example for which remote blood collection would help prevent the spread of the disease while allowing the lockdown to be lifted intelligently. This system will continue to be important for tackling future infectious disease outbreaks. For prostate cancer and diabetes, there is a large opportunity with 1 in 9 males diagnosed with prostate cancer in their life, while diabetes already affects over 9% of the global adult population. In these cases disease monitoring requires highly sensitive and accurate tests that need to be performed with specialized equipment.


The Netherlands Cancer Institute NKI-AvL developed a device that allows patients to collect their blood at home. This saves healthcare professionals time and disease exposure, and unburdens diagnostic centers because the samples go straight to the lab for analysis. The device is suitable for immediate use with standard hospital equipment (e.g. analyzers of market leader Roche Diagnostics).


A prototype is available including packaging and user instructions. Next steps will include clinical testing and verification of user experience.

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Taco van der Feltz

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A highly international and networked entrepreneur trained as Medical Doctor and Medical Biologist, he is a visionary strategist conversant within and across disciplines. As Venture Partner, his focus is on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.