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In the Netherlands an ambulance is expected to arrive at the emergency scene within 15 minutes after the emergency call. In 7% of all instances, however, the ambulance arrives too late. As a result, an estimated number of 35,000 patients per year do not receive proper care in time. This has a massive impact on the mortality and morbidity of these patients. Two facts account for more than half of these late arrivals. First, dispatchers of the call centre cannot predict future demand. Second, the complexity of scheduling ambulance availability as well as the likelihood of all nearby resources being occupied at the time of an emergency call.


1,15 million ambulance dispatches occur each year in The Netherlands. This leads to €450 million in costs. The market potential for emergency call centres in The Netherlands (which is the first niche that will be targeted) for Stokhos is between €2,3 million and €4,2 million. This market shows a growth of 5,4% per year, and even 8.1% growth for life-threatening situations.


Stokhos Emergency Mathematics is a software solution which enables the proactive relocation of ambulances based on predictions of future demand. Stokhos provides a tool to reach at least 95% of all high emergency call locations within 15 minutes as compared to the current 93%. The tool aims to reduce the percentage of late arrivals of ambulances within the Netherlands by 50% or a reduction of 17,500 late arrivals and as a result improve on morbidity and mortality expectations for these patients.


An entrepreneurial manager was attracted, as well as €250,000 funding was secured. Currently, Stokhos is in the process of signing several customers on first assignments between €10,000 and €50,000.

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Thomas Kousholt

Thomas Kousholt

NLC Venture Partner

Thomas joined NLC in January 2023. He has a background in technology and is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building tech companies across different areas including mobile, AI, ecommerce and medtech. Thomas brings full startup lifecycle experience of raising funding, building, scaling and exiting. His expertise extends bringing digital health products to an international market and growing early-stage startups into profitable businesses. Thomas is passionate about the potential of digital technology to meet the challenges of the future of healthcare.

Prof. Dr. Rob van der Mei

Prof. Dr. Rob van der Mei



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