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Current knotted setons used in perianal fistula drainage cause pain and discomfort for patients, leading to complications requiring additional treatment. This is all the more important for people with cryptoglandular fistulae, and particularly those suffering from Crohn’s disease (perianal fistulae), whereby almost half need setons on a semi-permanent basis. Patients returning for treatment due to complications can incur a significant cost to the healthcare system.



Superseton is a smooth, simple and secure solution that prevents unnecessary irritation and discomfort for patients. It features an innovative closure that is secure and flexible, and can be applied manually in seconds with the patented disposable applicator. While the ingenious design offers numerous benefits, it still fits seamlessly with established practice.


  • IP Protected, CE Class IIA (to be improved to IIB)
  • Smooth, Simple, Secure Solution and smart to apply
  • Clinically validated
  • First products currently being delivered to physicians
  • Reputed expert team available for further product development
  • Originating from the Amsterdam Academic Medical Center
  • Plug & Play Add-on product for existing coloproctology or surgical product portfolio.
  • SuperSeton obtained CE mark in Q4 2018. Subsequently, the product has been launched at a key European Coloproctology seminar in January. The first products are currently being sold, with the first repeat sales already achieved.

Meet the team


Tim Horeman


Willem Nerkens 2

Willem Nerkens

Co- Inventor

Ernst (2)

Ernst Elhorst


Taco van der Feltz (1)

Taco van der Feltz

Venture Partner at NLC

Taco joined NLC in 2015 and is a highly international and networked entrepreneur trained as Medical Doctor and Medical Biologist. He is a visionary strategist conversant within and across disciplines. As Venture Partner, Taco focuses on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.