Alessandro Radaelli

Venture Partner

Alessandro joined NLC in April 2022 and brings over 20 years of experience in the MedTech industry. His passion lies in translating clinical needs into meaningful solutions, building purpose-driven 'tribes' of early adopters and taking impactful innovations from idea to business realisation. He has lived in four European countries and has travelled to more than 20 countries with great curiosity for healthcare systems, and the local food culture.


Alexandra Yhip

Technology Assessment & Strategy

Alexandra joined NLC as part of the TAS team in November 2022. She holds a B.Sc. in Biology with a Specialization in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and is currently completing her Master’s in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Barcelona. Alexandra has previously held positions within the biotech industry and is delighted at any opportunity that involves delving into new and emerging technologies within the medical and life sciences.


Amalia Stenberg

Legal Counsel

Amalia joined NLC in August 2021 as a Legal Counsel. She holds an LL.M. degree from Uppsala University and has also studied EU law at Utrecht University. During her studies, Amalia was very interested in regulations surrounding healthtech, and wrote her master thesis on privacy issues in health tracking devices used in healthcare. She is thrilled to join NLC in its mission to bring better and more affordable healthtech solutions to patients.

Amelia Quicanga

Amélia Quicanga

Marketing & Communications

Amelia joined NLC in January 2023 and is finishing her MBA with a major in Marketing and a minor in Management. She joined NLC in order to acquire vast skills and leverage her passion. She is eager to put her expertise in marketing and communications to use and contribute to the company's expansion and global influence.


Amy Agterberg


Amy is currently studying Software Development and joined NLC in March 2022 for her graduate internship. She is passionate about technology and is eager to learn, and is excited to support NLC in its mission to bring science to life.

Andreina Ramos- HR

Andreina Ramos

HR Admin Coordinator

Andreina joined NLC on 1st January 2023. She finished her studies on Human Resources and Labor Relations in Venezuela and gained both local and international experience in Oil and Gas industry for more than 15 years. Andreina moved to The Netherlands in 2009 and continued her function for O&G services and for the last 7 years worked on the implementation and improvement of HR system in-house solutions and provided support and education to more than 1000 users in 50+ countries. She has experience as HR Generalist and affinity with HR procedures, HR services and highly motivated to work with inter-functional teams.

Ankita Das

Ankita Das

Venture Development

Ankita joined NLC in July 2022 as a Venture Developer intern. She holds a bachelor’s in biotechnology from India and MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Leiden University, specialising in in-vitro and ex-vivo models. Ankita has 3 years of experience in laboratory research and is eager to expand her knowledge of healthtech innovations. With her collaborative and international outlook, she wants to bring promising inventions to reach patients and create a sustainable impact in healthcare. Ankita is enthusiastic to hear about new ideas and is open to connecting.

Annabel van der Horst

Annabel van der Horst

Venture Developer

Annabel joined NLC in February 2023 as a Venture Developer intern at the MedTech/Digital department. She holds a bachelor in Nanobiology and with this internship she will obtain the master of Nanobiology, both a joint degree from the Technical University of Delft and the Erasmus Medical Center. Annabel’s curiosity fuels her affinity with research, in particular with neuroscience. She has published 2 articles in this field and more are to come. Annabel also has a lot of affinity with healthcare and is interested in the multidisciplinary and technical background of new inventions that will have a significant impact on healthcare. In addition, she is eager to learn about the venture-building process and determined to strengthen the venture development team to advance health.

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Annameta Gericke

Venture Developer

Annameta joined NLC in April 2020. She is working as a Venture Developer, with the mission of creating a positive impact on patients’ lives. Having lived in Italy, UK, and the Netherlands, Annameta has developed an open and international outlook. She holds an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL and is part of the digital and Medtech domains. She enjoys new challenges and meeting driven inventors.


Anne Reijns

Lead Tech Partnerships

Anne joined NLC in January 2022. She is passionate about making healthcare accessible, affordable, and unbiased. In the past 10 years, she has focused on personalising healthcare using (medical) technology and data and putting the patient first. Through various projects, Anne has impacted over 250K patients’ lives across Europe, India, and Africa. At NLC, she works with corporates and academic institutions to bring more significant inventions to life.

Axel Ehrenstrom

Axel Ehrenstrom

Financial analyst

Axel joined NLC in October 2022. Prior to joining NLC, he spent 3 years with Mazars in Paris as a Cybersecurity specialist, then 4 years with KPMG in Amstelveen in the Financial audit practice and later in the Deals advisory, providing financial due diligence to Private Equity and Corporates on buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions. Through those experiences, Axel has developed a knowledge of financial reporting and an analytical skill set. At NLC, he is using that knowledge to strengthen the financial processes and support the internal and external financial reporting.


Bender Ziegerink

Venture Developer

Bender joined NLC in January 2022 as a venture developer. He developed his passion for healthtech during his BSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Groningen. He also holds an MSc in Engineering and Policy Analysis from the Delft University of Technology. Bender is highly motivated to contribute to creating meaningful ventures with a positive impact all around the world.

Bernard Maillard (2)

Bernard Maillard

Technology Analyst

Bernard joined NLC in July 2019. He has always been driven by his curiosity and eagerness to learn how inventions work and how they can be improved. After graduating as a mechanical engineer, he sought to expand his technical knowledge to create more value, and completed a master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Design at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Bernard has had first-hand experience with venture creation, training in intellectual property strategy, open innovation and knowledge-based business development. Now, he aligns his technical and entrepreneurial background with his interest in healthcare improvement and helps NLC to bring innovative solutions to the patients.

Bert-Arjan Millenaar

Bert Arjan Millenaar

Founder & CEO

Bert-Arjan is the founder of NLC and has a personal aim to advance health. He has over 20 years of experience in business development and growth strategies. His love for pushing boundaries and stretching the possibilities of an organisation allows Bert-Arjan to steer NLC's unique business model and to support the team.

Bruna Provenci

Bruna Provenci

Expertise Integration

Bruna joined NLC in March 2023. She is completing her Master in Healthcare Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Bruna is a physician with 3 years experience in pulmonology and Intensive Care Units (ICU) in Brazil. She also has a sub-specialization in infectious lung diseases, as tuberculosis and fungal infections. She is excited about applying her knowledge to help ventures and bring positive impact. She is also enthusiastic about learning more about the healthtech field.


Camila Nino

HR Project Manager

Camila joined NLC in January 2023. She is a psychologist with a diploma in Talent Management and a Master's in Learning and Development in Organizations from Maastricht University. Before joining NLC, Camila worked for different Colombian and international companies from different industries such as insurance, retail, and startups. She has held diverse roles in Human Roles focused on talent acquisition, employer branding, outplacement, training, and development. Camila is passionate about people's behavior, change management, and talent development to bring out their best version and achieve organizational goals.


Carlos Garcia Tognaccini

Junior Legal Counsel

Carlos joined NLC in June 2022 as Junior Legal Counsel. He holds an LL.M. degree from Leiden University in European and International Business Law and studied law and international relations in Madrid. Before joining NLC Carlos worked for two years at an international pharmaceutical company in The Hague, where he developed his interests in the pharma- and med-science industries.


Christine Ammon

Venture Support

Christine joined NLC's Venture Support team in February 2022 as a biomedical sciences master’s student with a management specialisation. During her time at the Leiden University Medical Centre conducting research, Christine came to recognise that healthcare needs innovation and entrepreneurship to advance. She is dedicated to creating a lasting, positive impact on individuals and making healthcare accessible to all. Impact-driven, focused and a team player, she is excited to bring science to life.


Constantine Kourakis

Content Manager

Constantine joined NLC in March 2023. After starting out as an English teacher at 16, he dove deeper into the intricacies of the English language and was later driven to life sciences project management and medical translation. He holds an MA in Intercultural Communication from UWE Bristol and has over 11 years’ editorial experience in the healthcare industry. Constantine takes the view that content cannot make all and everyone content at the same time, but it can engage, intrigue, generate buzz, provide meaning and raise awareness. And healthtech content can certainly make an impact.


Cristian Fildan


Cristian joined NLC in February 2023. He is a second-year Computer Science and Engineering student at TU/e and has experience in software development. Before joining NLC, Cristian managed his company which built and maintained different automatization systems. He is eager to put his expertise to the challenge to assist in bringing the future of health tech closer to reality, all while acquiring and honing aptitudes.


Danyl Lebediev

IT Developer

Danyl joined NLC in January 2020 and holds a Bachelor’s in Finance, and Business and IT. He strives to help businesses achieve optimal IT support, improve ICT workflow, translate business requirements into IT solutions, and optimise business processes. Danyl helps bring science to life by ensuring that NLC has effective and efficient IT support.

Edoardo Lerario

Edoardo Lerario

Venture Finance

Edoardo joined NLC as a Venture Finance Intern in March 2023. Before joining NLC, he spent 1 year in Rome as a consultant supporting Italian startups and SMEs and taking part in relevant business initiatives. During his university career, mainly carried out in Italy at “University of Rome La Sapienza", he took part in two international study experiences. The exchange semester at “Catòlica Lisbon School of Business & Economics” during his Bachelor’s and the Italian-Russian double degree program during his Master’s have made Edoardo an open-minded and proactive guy, ready to bring his passion to the Venture Finance team.


Ellis Aune

Venture Developer

Ellis joined NLC in September 2021 and sees health innovation as an inherently intersectional field. She joined NLC as a venture developer to combine her research, business, and policy interests to help translate health inventions into tangible solutions. Ellis has a background in chemical and biological engineering and research and holds a Master’s degree in medical biology and innovation management.


Eva Demandt

Venture Teaming Expert

Eva joined NLC in February 2021 and is responsible for finding and attracting CEOs for NLC’s ventures. She is an experienced international executive life sciences recruiter with agency and corporate experience. Eva has a passion for helping companies realise their business plans by getting the right people on board and finds great meaning in building ventures that advance health for patients worldwide.


Eva van Rooijen

Venture Teaming

Eva joined NLC in September 2017. She is an entrepreneurial, optimistic and result-driven team player with a decade of experience in talent management and executive search, including founding and exiting a life sciences recruitment agency. Eva is passionate about high-impact innovation and strongly believes that ‘you can invent alone, but you can not innovate alone’.


Fenna Heyning

Lead expertise integration

Fenna joined NLC in July 2022. From her perspective as an internist, personalised, high-quality care for each patient is always crucial. To realise this ambition for future generations, our healthcare system needs a more integrated and innovative strategy in which all stakeholders are represented. This ambition motivated Fenna in 2014 to take off her white coat and focus on innovation and healthcare transformation from a broad technological, organisational and social perspective. She worked for eight years at STZ, the association of top clinical hospitals in the Netherlands, focussing on transforming health care delivery and innovation. Fenna will build on and expand the fast-growing network of (clinical) experts linked to NLC to help bring science to life.


Gábor Heltovics

Venture Partner

Gábor joined NLC in June 2022. In his most recent endeavour, he was the CEO of a virtual speciality biopharmaceutical company, Tavanta Therapeutics. Under Gábor’s guidance, Tavanta secured over $55 million in funding and grew from a 2-person company to an organisation with 5 pivotal clinical stage compounds for major indications such as oncology and pain, as well as an innovative pre-clinical pipeline following closely in their footsteps. Gábor will apply his experience at NLC as a venture partner to build ventures and advance health.

Gina Melchner (2)

Gina Melchner

Venture Partner & Lead Medtech

Gina joined NLC in February 2020. Previously, Gina worked in Venture Capital at Biogeneration Ventures and in Strategy Consulting at Oliver Wyman. Her academic background includes a Masters degree in Biotechnology from ETH Zurich. At NLC, Gina is the responsible Venture Partner for multiple Medtech and Biotech ventures and also leads the Medtech Domain within NLC’s Venture Creation engine.

Hanneke van der Kleij

Hanneke van der Kleij

Lead immunology/neuroimmunology

Hanneke joined NLC in September 2022. Her background is in neuroimmunology, having undertaken a PhD in mast-cell nerve interaction in asthma at Utrecht University in the Netherlands followed by a postdoctorate at the Brain-Body Institute in Hamilton, Canada. Before joining NLC, Hanneke worked as a Senior Scientist and Clinical Trial Manager at HAL Allergy, a pharmaceutical company developing immunotherapy for patients with different types of allergy. Hanneke is eager to use her experience in the different NLC projects related to (neuro)immunology and extend her expertise also towards other scientific areas as well as to get familiar with the processes involved in venture building, bringing healthtech innovations from bench to bedside.


Harri O’Sullivan

Talent Acquisition Lead

Harri joined NLC in September 2021. She holds a BA Honours degree in English Literature and is an experienced talent partner. She has joined NLC as a Venture Teaming Expert and is excited to be part of growing NLC’s business of building ventures and advancing health.

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Hiba AlKadi


Hiba joined NLC in March 2023 as a legal intern. She completed her LLB in International and European Law from the University of Groningen and is currently completing her LLM in International Trade and Investment Law at UvA. Hiba has been always interested in the intersection between the medical and health field and law. Throughout her education, she was always seeking to deepen her understanding of this dynamic field, and now she is excited to channel her knowledge and expertise towards contributing to NLC’s positive impact.

Hidde ten Brink

Hidde ten Brink

Lead Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Hidde joined NLC in April 2019. He has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, corporate and structured finance, company valuations, debt advisory, venture capital and treasury management. He gained this experience at EY’s M&A department, at Zanders, as well as at an Amsterdam-based M&A boutique. Hidde uses this experience to help NLC’s ventures with finance-related issues throughout their lifecycle under NLC’s management, ultimately leading to achieving successful exits and maximising the ventures’ positive impact on society.  

Ihor Bahrintsev

Ihor Bahrintsev

Business Data Analyst

Ihor joined NLC in November 2022 as part of the Finance and Data Analytics team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv and MA in Applied Economics from the University of Houston/Kyiv School of Economics. Prior to joining NLC, Ihor spent 3.5 years with DTEK in Kyiv and Amsterdam, working as a part of CFO team on various projects related to strategic planning, business and data analytics, valuation, financial modelling and planning. He plans to use his knowledge, curiosity and passion for data-driven decision making to support NLC with its growth plans.

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Irni Gemzon

Venture Builder

Irni is a medical doctor with an MBA and also has an educational background in microbiology, and biotech + pharma management. He is an active practicing physician and a medical school faculty member in the Philippines; and held previous applied and clinical research roles in virology, antibiotic resistance, genetics, and oncology. Irni founded a successful digital-based healthcare company that addressed primary care accessibility during the pandemic and is an experienced consultant that helps digital and healthtech founders define their technology and find correct solutions for unmet healthcare needs. He joined NLC in April 2022 and is always looking for ways to push healthcare innovation forward and bring this faster to the patient’s bedside.


Jaap Haemers

Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Jaap joined NLC in February 2022. He gained extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance at EY’s M&A department and is passionate about innovation and making an impact. Jaap leverages his expertise and passion to support NLC’s ventures with finance-related issues throughout their lifecycle, ultimately achieving successful exits and maximising the ventures’ positive impact on society.


Jikke de Jong

Lead Green Health Ventures

Jikke joined NLC since its inception in September 2015 and is currently the team lead for building Green Health Ventures. She holds a Master of Science degree in Life Sciences and Innovation Management. Jikke is hands-on, pragmatic, and enjoys pushing boundaries, and has been driving force behind new projects and initiatives. She possesses expertise in venture building, and is dedicated to creating ventures that reduce the environmental footprint of healthcare. Her skills include business development, deal making, technology scouting, strategy development, and cultivating long term partnerships.

Johanneke Maenhout

Johanneke Maenhout

Portfolio Director and Lead Portfolio Development

Johanneke joined NLC in November 2016. She has a decade of experience in strategic and operational health care consulting and health economics and is interested in accelerating the role of technology and innovation in improving health and the healthcare landscape. At NLC, Johanneke is responsible for a smooth venture-building process and the personal development of the people within.


Jola Danaj

Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Jola joined NLC’s Venture Finance team in September 2021. Backed by extensive experience in M&A, and passionate about bringing forward a positive impact on society, she joined NLC to support ventures with their funding needs. Before joining NLC, Jola worked at Deloitte Financial Advisory and Corporate Finance on various transactions, gaining experience in multidisciplinary aspects of deal-making processes, which she aims to leverage in her position at Venture Finance to help achieve successful exits.

Jonathan Mohamed

Jonathan Mohamed


Jonathan joined NLC in February 2022. He is completing the final year of his IT bachelor’s program at NHL Stenden and is a Certified Ethical Hacker with cyber security and software development skills. Jonathan has experience with software, hardware and networking, and his goal is to support the team in developing healthtech ventures that bring science to life.


Joost Kruytzer

Board Advisor

Joost joined NLC in November 2016. He supports NLC, using his hands-on experience with developing young, fast-growing companies. Joost holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics and provided board-level consulting for 20 years, among others, as managing partner of healthcare specialist Plexus (later KPMG Plexus, after the acquisition he negotiated).


Julie Szu-Chun Yang

Venture Support Expert

Julie joined NLC in September 2021 as Venture Support Officer. She is dedicated to improving the healthcare industry by implementing data-driven, evidence-based solutions and seeking innovations in HealthTech. She holds a joint degree of MS in Agro-biomedical Science from National Taiwan University, Tsukuba University, Université de Bordeaux and an EMBA from Quantic School Of Business and Technology. Julie is passionate about supporting ventures to bring science to life and innovations to patients.

Kasimir Friederich

Kasimir Friederich

Digital Venture Architect

Kasimir joined NLC in November 2022 as a Digital Venture Architect. After studying economics and gaining practical experience in the digital and startup field, he worked for a digital consulting firm. Here, Kasimir focussed on corporate venture building, ideating and validating business models that have great potential to create viable business opportunities for the future. With this background, he will support the digital domain in building the most promising digital health ventures applying a human-centric approach to venture building - addressing the most pressing problems and finding the right solutions.


Kathrin Ballesteros

Venture Partner

Kathrin joined NLC in October 2021. She has more than 15 years of experience supporting Startups – mainly in the Life Science business – in different positions as a consultant and coach. Kathrin is a biochemist and holds a PhD in Molecular Neuroscience. Besides her scientific background, she is also trained as a Business Coach, Team Coach & Team Developer and has a Micro master’s in Business Model Innovation. Kathrin brings expertise in supporting early-stage scientific and entrepreneurial projects turning into valuable businesses.


Kevin Ranner

Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Kevin joined NLC in December 2020. After discovering his passion for solving multidisciplinary challenges during his BSc in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Kevin joined NLC to leverage his passion in order to generate a positive social impact. He gained experience supporting strategic decision-making during his internship at a management consultancy in Munich. Having enjoyed an international education in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and China, Kevin is eager to assist in globally representing the financial interests of NLC ventures and investors.

Lars Olthof (1)

Lars Olthof

Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Lars joined NLC in July 2017 after finishing his master’s degree at the London School of Economics. He is driven by the goal of making a positive societal impact through entrepreneurship. With the rest of the Venture Finance team, Lars is responsible for designing and validating the business models of NLC’s new healthtech ventures by managing financing rounds (both dilutive and non-dilutive) and developing novel financial propositions to ensure all NLC portfolio companies are financed according to need. This is all done with a single goal in mind: to accelerate the growth of NLC's venture portfolio and bring more groundbreaking medical innovations to the patient.


Lisa Arkes

Venture Developer

Lisa joined NLC in March 2023 as a Venture Developer intern in the MedTech/Digital department. She holds a bachelor in Technical Medicine, and is currently working towards finalizing her master Technical Medicine in the track Imaging and Intervention, a joint degree from the Technical University of Delft, the Erasmus Medical Center and the University of Leiden. During her master program she gained invaluable knowledge and expertise in building a bridge between traditional medicine and the latest technological advancements that are playing a crucial role in healthcare today. With a strong determination to advance the field of health, she is enthusiastic about acquiring knowledge on the venture-building process and is committed to bolstering the venture development team.

Lizzy Vroemen

Lizzy Vroemen

Graphic Designer

Lizzy joined NLC in January 2023. She studied communication and Multimedia 2014-2018 at Zuyd University of applied sciences in Maastricht in The Netherlands. She has a background in working both in B2B and B2C as a designer. Lizzy has worked 3 years at the Open University Heerlen supporting the marketing team with design. In this period of time she did a course at the Berlin Art Institute in Berlin. Afterwards she started working as a freelancer exploring multiple fields within design. In 2019 she moved to Portugal where she continued her work with a wide variety of clients in different markets. In April 2022 she became a part of the marketing team as a Visual Designer at Upper. Upper is a Berlin based company working remote first that connects IT freelancers worldwide to companies and projects. Lizzy is very motivated to be a part of NLC in their next level challenge to bring the inventions to the patients.

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Ljudmila Katchan

Lead CNS/Neuroscience

Lou Venturin

Lou Venturin

Legal Counsel

Lou joined NLC in March 2020 and provides legal support to NLC and its ventures. She is a business-minded corporate legal counsel with extensive international experience in major law firms in Luxembourg and New York. Lou enjoys working in a thriving environment and aims to contribute her legal expertise to make a significant impact on healthcare.


Lydia Kalafateli

Venture Developer

Lydia joined NLC in April 2022 as a Venture Developer, focusing on innovations in Neuroscience and Neuroimmunology. She holds a BSc in Biology from Greece, an MSc in Pharmacology from the Netherlands and a PhD in Neuroscience from Sweden. She has 8+ years of R&D experience in academic and industrial settings (including Yale University and AstraZeneca) across 4 countries. Lydia has a strong interest in the business/commercial side of Life Sciences and is currently pursuing an MBA degree. She looks forward to applying her scientific knowledge in building ventures and ultimately helping NLC bring innovative science to patients in need.


Marcel de Rooij

Business Support Professional

Marcel joined NLC in March 2021 after the transfer of his workplace at his former employer to Brussels. Driven and with great pleasure, he is taking up the accountant role and helps keep the financial picture of NLC aligned. With a solid financial background in bookkeeping with an insurance company and bank, Marcel can get all the numbers in the correct place. Working with the latest bookkeeping and consolidation tools, he keeps a clear overview of the Balance sheet and the Profit and Loss statements.


Marcos Vega

Venture Support Expert

Marcos joined NLC in May 2022. He has a background in life science, having worked in biotech startups and, most recently, as a consultant supporting global pharma and healthcare companies with market access/sales strategies. Marcos is excited to apply his knowledge and experience to help NLC bring science to life.


Margarida Lopes

Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Margarida joined NLC in February 2022 and is currently finishing her Master’s thesis in Financial Literacy and Political Orientation at the University of Lisbon. Margarida decided to embark on this adventure of enrolling in an internship in the Netherlands for the international experience and the desire to put her knowledge to the test. With previous experience with a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Management with a Finance Major, she is confident that she will gain immense knowledge and expertise at NLC. Margarida is eager to be an asset in helping the company grow and impact the world.

Mariana Edwards

Mariana Edwards

Venture Development

Mariana joined NLC in February 2023 as a Biotech Venture Developer intern. She read Natural Sciences at the University of Bath with a major in pharmacology and minor in cell biology. After a year exchange at the Maastricht Science Programme she decided move to the Netherlands to continue her education with an MSc in Biomedical Sciences - Psychopharmacology and Pathobiology. Her experience spans internships at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, The Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience and the Molecular Pharmacology lab at the Vrije Universiteit. Here, she has worked on topics ranging from behavioural and molecular psychopharmacology to public health, always keeping a goal-orientated and inquisitive approach to science and its impact on society.


Marit Maxwell

Digital Community Manager

Marit joined NLC in December 2022 as a Digital Community Manager. After studying Media, Information and Communication she started working as a Community Manager at Roamler. Here she learned the different aspects of building different communities and improving the retention by creating more engagement. With this knowledge she will help to create and engage the different communities within NLC by offering the right tools and guidelines to her colleagues.

Mark O'Connell

Mark O’Connell

Business Data & Operations Analyst

Mark joined NLC in July 2022 as part of the data analytics team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from University College Cork and a Master’s degree in Data-Driven Design from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Prior to joining NLC, Mark worked as a technology consultant with PwC Dublin. He plans to leverage his knowledge and experience to help NLC bring more healthtech innovations to life. He brings enthusiasm and is passionate about having a positive impact on society.

Marta Scali

Marta Scali

Strategic Partnerships Developer

Marta joined NLC in January 2023. She holds a PhD in Biomechanical Engineering from TU Delft and she has R&D experience in medical device industry. Marta believes in teamwork and in achieving results together. She is excited to use her international experience and knowledge of both academic and corporate world to strengthen relationships with NLC’s partners and make an impact on people’s life.


Mathilde Serre

Business Developer

Mathilde joined NLC in September 2022 as a business development intern in the Tech Partnerships team. She holds a Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor (BSc) with a major in Molecular Cell Biology and Biomedical Science and a minor in Political Sciences from the University College Utrecht. Mathilde is excited for her journey at NLC, where she will learn about the processes of bringing healthtech innovations from the bench to society so that they can benefit a significant number of patients.

Mattias Dupuis

Mattias Dupuis


Mattias joined NLC in February 2023. He is completing his engineering degree specializing in computer sciences at Nantes Université. Mattias has some experience in IT infrastructure management and specializes in IT networks, administration and cybersecurity. He is excited to support NLC's infrastructure and allow it to scale to keep up with NLC's growth.

Michiel Mussies

Michiel Mussies

Lead Venture Support

Michiel joined NLC in June 2019. He is a driven, internationally oriented generalist aiming to impact people and society positively. As lead of Venture Support, Michiel is providing services to scale NLC’s ventures to bring innovation to healthcare and to improve people’s lives. He holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Groningen and an MBA from INSEAD.

Niccolas Ibery_NLC

Nicholas Ibery

Partner UK & Venture Partner

Nick joined NLC in July 2022 from a London-based VC fund where he led European Life Sciences investments and was a Member of the Fund’s Investment Committee. Over the past ten years, he has backed several high-profile companies, including taking one from Series A to IPO in the USA. Nick started his career as a surgeon, specialising in neurosurgery. He holds medicine and law degrees, including a master’s degree in Surgical Technology from Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School. Nick is eager to leverage his experience and knowledge to help NLC build ventures and advance health.


Nina Dinaux

Venture Developer

Nina joined NLC in June 2022 as a Venture Developer. She holds an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from TU Delft. Previously she worked as a management consultant in the healthcare industry and as a lead for the innovation team of a mental healthcare institution. With this background, Nina has developed a broad view of the healthcare industry and is eager to leverage her expertise at NLC within the Medtech domain.

Nina Lameule

Nina Lameule

Venture Finance & NLC Funds

Nina joined NLC in September 2020. Before joining NLC, she gained experience working as a venture fundraiser in Paris, advising entrepreneurs on their financial strategy and connecting startups with a wide range of private investors and public funding. Now a member of NLC’s Venture Finance team, Nina will use this experience to support NLC’s ventures on their finance-related issues throughout their lifecycle to ensure their success.


Nina Rijnders

Private Investor Community Builder

Nina joined NLC in March 2015 and became responsible for NLC’s corporate partnerships in January 2019. She believes constructive collaboration is a true prerequisite for value creation. Nina loves to build new concepts and stories and feels privileged to work in an environment where people not only dare to envision the future but also help shape it.


Paul Cairo

Legal Counsel

Paul joined NLC in July 2021 as a Legal Counsel. Before joining NLC, he worked as a lawyer at Loyens & Loeff, one of the top three law firms in the Netherlands. He gained experience in litigation and M&A transactions within an internationally oriented practice. After gaining knowledge of how investors, corporates and governments work, Paul decided to embark on a mission to leverage his knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. Paul provides Legal support to NLC and its ventures and specialises in impact within NLC. In this role, he advises on ethical questions during NLC’s investment process and integrates NLC’s B-Corp status in the company. Additionally, Paul ensures that all NLC’s investment funds adhere to the highest social and sustainable standards in accordance with SFDR 9 (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).

Paul de Ruijter

Paul de Ruijter

Venture Developer

Annabel joined NLC in February 2023 as a Venture Developer intern at the MedTech/Digital department. She holds a bachelor in Nanobiology and with this internship she will obtain the master of Nanobiology, both a joint degree from the Technical University of Delft and the Erasmus Medical Center. Annabel’s curiosity fuels her affinity with research, in particular with neuroscience. She has published 2 articles in this field and more are to come. Annabel also has a lot of affinity with healthcare and is interested in the multidisciplinary and technical background of new inventions that will have a significant impact on healthcare. In addition, she is eager to learn about the venture-building process and determined to strengthen the venture development team to advance health.

Pieter Wijffels (1)

Pieter Wijffels

Venture Partner

Pieter joined NLC in April 2020 as a Venture Partner. Before joining NLC, he spent 15 years at Philips, bringing innovation to life across the globe. He enjoys working in fast-paced environments and supporting initiatives that truly improve people’s lives.


Raymond Ypma

IT Systems Manager

Raymond joined NLC in February 2020. He is a highly motivated technology enthusiast with a passion for making processes more fluent and integrated. Raymond manages the ICT Systems and works with a small team to improve NLC’s current ICT-related workflows.


Rita Mendes

Venture Developer

Rita joined NLC in April 2022 as a Venture Developer in the biotech team. She holds a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine and is currently finishing her PhD in Bioengineering under the MIT-Portugal Program. Rita has +6 years of R&D experience, mainly in in-vitro/ex-vivo preclinical models, nanotechnology and omics/AI-based strategies in precision medicine applied to oncology. Rita has an entrepreneurial mindset and participated in 7 business/innovation-related courses, including a mini-MBA for life scientists. She aims to help bring new healthtech from the lab to the market to solve unmet medical needs and improve patients’ lives.

Photos by Ka-chun Lo

Rohit Rungta

Venture Finance

Rohit joined NLC in March 2023 as a Venture Finance intern. He holds a Bachelor in Commerce(Honours) with a specialisation in Accounting and Finance, and is currently working towards his Masters in Accounting and Finance from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before joining NLC, he has interned with Royal Philips treasury department. Rohit is excited to apply his knowledge in Accounting and Finance to help venture finance team and bring a positive impact!


Roland Zegger

Venture Partner

Roland joined NLC in March 2015. He is a trained pharmacist, has worked in several pharmaceutical companies, and has broad experience in marketing and sales functions as well as general management. As Venture Partner, Roland focuses on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.


Ruben Mikkers


Ruben joined NLC in April 2019. Before joining NLC, he spent 6 years at Robeco Asset Management and almost 14 years in KPMG’s Deals practice, of which the last 6.5 years as a Partner. Ruben brings along extensive expertise in general financial management and M&A, and is looking forward to using his experience to support NLC’s expansion plans.

Sabine Brans (2)

Sabine Brans

Office Manager

Sabine joined NLC in December 2017. She has extensive experience in office management, project management and marketing support in the healthcare sector. Sabine is hands-on and gets energy from arranging everything down to the last detail.

Sabna Rodjan (1)

Sabna Rodjan

Legal & Finance Assistent

Sabna joined NLC in October 2018. She is a highly motivated, passionate, and proactive team player with a great sense of responsibility. She likes the combination of Finance and Legal tasks that contribute to the development of the company and bringing science to life. Sabna is eager to help NLC bring science to life.

Sandra Lammerding (1)

Sandra Lammerding

Lead Legal Counsel

Sandra joined NLC in September 2019 and is a corporate counsel with 18 years of international experience in the life sciences and chemical industry. She is driven by “making things happen” at innovative companies to make a social impact. Sandra has held various in-house positions at DSM (Life Science & Innovation Cluster) and recently at Avantium’s joint venture Synvina. She provides and manages legal support to NLC and its ventures, contributing to bringing science to life.

Saskia ten Siethoff

Saskia ten Siethoff

Technology Analyst

Saskia joined NLC in February 2023. She completed a bachelor study in Industrial Engineering and is currently finishing her master Management of Technology and Innovation from Delft University of Technology. Saskia has an interest and some experience in the health industry, having done a previous work with a medical device manufacturer, and several academic specialisations on health technologies and innovation management. She is enthusiastic to apply her technical background, experience, and new knowledge in the realm of innovation and healthcare to both make a positive impact on the health industry and to drive and support ongoing innovation.


Sylvia Butzke


Sylvia joined NLC in September 2022. Before joining NLC, she spent 5 years as COO at PGGM Investments, preceded by 10 years at the Dutch Central Bank and 10 years at Boston Consulting Group. Sylvia brings along extensive expertise in achieving sustainable change in organizations, based on innovative approaches, dialogue and learning. She is looking forward to using her experience to support NLC’s expansion plans.

Taco van der Feltz (1)

Taco van der Feltz

Venture Partner

Taco joined NLC in 2015 and is a highly international and networked entrepreneur trained as Medical Doctor and Medical Biologist. He is a visionary strategist conversant within and across disciplines. As Venture Partner, Taco focuses on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.

Thomas Kousholt

Thomas Kousholt

Venture Partner

Thomas joined NLC in January 2023. He has a background in technology and is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building tech companies across different areas including mobile, AI, ecommerce and medtech. Thomas brings full startup lifecycle experience of raising funding, building, scaling and exiting. His expertise extends bringing digital health products to an international market and growing early-stage startups into profitable businesses. Thomas is passionate about the potential of digital technology to meet the challenges of the future of healthcare.

Thomas Stirrop

Thomas Stirrop

Venture Developer

Thomas joined NLC in May 2022 as a venture developer. He is interested in the intersection between science & society and how ideas can be translated into measurable impact on patient health. Thomas has a background in Biotechnology (health and environmental) and life science business. He has worked previously as an innovation consultant, specialised in funding, and is excited to use these skills to help bring science to life at NLC.

Tom Nijsten (1)

Tom Nijsten

People & Culture

Tom joined NLC in April 2020 as a Venture Finance Expert, following a career at Deloitte's Corporate Finance practice in Amsterdam and London. Being always interested in the people side of doing business, he gained experience building teams and coaching team members. In the entrepreneurial environment of NLC, Tom has pivoted himself since July 2021 to entirely focus on the NLC Talent Journey with a focus on People & Culture.

Valeria Gottardo

Valeria Gottardo

Technology Assessment and Strategy

Valeria Gottardo joined the NLC Technology Assessment and Strategy team in August 2022. She has a background in healthcare engineering with a BSc in Biomedical Engineering at Universita’ degli Studi di Padova and Universidad Pompeu Fabra, and an MSc in Bioengineering at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. Valeria worked as a Data Scientist at Fresenius Medical Care, developing hospital datasets and instrumentation algorithms to enhance chronic kidney disease patients’ treatment and life expectancy. She is excited to share everything she has learned in the medical and IT fields with the NLC team and looks forward to learning and collaborating to improve the healthcare sector.


Wijna Bekker

CEO Recruiter

Wijna joined NLC in August 2022. She has over 20 years of experience in life science recruitment. Amongst others, she has worked for a recruitment agency in the pharmaceutical sector and has run her own agency focused on medical devices and quality positions. For the past 5 years, Wijna has had a senior position at a life science consultancy firm where she worked on recruiting consultants for health tech and life sciences. Throughout her career, she has worked and come into contact with new and exciting innovations. Wijna enjoys finding the perfect match between CEOs and ventures to get these innovations to market and help patients.


Will Richardson

Lead Business Data & Analytics

Will joined NLC in April 2021. He is a chartered accountant with several years of M&A experience. Prior to joining NLC, he spent 6 years with PwC in London, starting out in the Risk Assurance practice, then more recently Transaction Services, providing financial due diligence to Private Equity and Corporates on buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions. The latter experience is where Will has developed his data analytics skill set. He brings an entrepreneurial mindset and looks forward to leveraging his expertise to support NLC's growth.

Willem Fontijn

Willem Fontijn

Technology Strategist

Willem joined NLC in August 2017. He is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of NLC at an operational and strategic level, guarding the quality of inflow and driving supporting technologies. Willem holds a PhD from the Eindhoven University of Technology, is an IP expert, and has corporate and venturing experience. He is a principal scientist and prolific inventor at Philips Research turned serial entrepreneur.

Zoe da Silva

Zoe da Silva

Venture Development

Zoe joined NLC in April 2023. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology, and is completing her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences and Management at Leiden University. Zoe has an international background and experience with different biomedical topics such as genetics, neurosciences and cardiovascular therapies. She is excited about applying her knowledge and experiences to build ventures and contribute to a positive impact on healthcare.

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